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Writings with related papers, 1978-2009

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Files containing loose sheets of writings including faxes, draft letters, thoughts and artists statements on professional and personal matters, with related sketches, notes, correspondence, press-cuttings and images.

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Writings with related papers (February 2002 – June 2007), 2002-2007
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Paraphernalia, letters, writings, fax notes made in Dublin, Amsterdam and Ibiza.

Notes and drawings with spiral motif on materials for sculpture [never realised], regarding printmaking and the etching Minnie (2003) on cards with leaping hare motif header. Tag with note from a Brian McCarthy sculpture referencing Montreal, Canada. Note of acquaintances in Amsterdam.

Fax notes to Barry E Flanagan regarding the website and AB Fine Art Foundry regarding casting (28 April 2007). Note of Paul Kasmin Gallery NYC with the note ‘Keith’ on the reverse. Fax notes regarding Oscar Wild’s play Salomé with music performed and composed by Roger Doyle. Fax note to Waddington and Berstein galleries regarding Flanangan’s gifting of wheelchairs to public institutions (10 October 2002). Notes for AB fine art foundry regarding photographing works. Note of Flanagan’s address in Dublin on a Groucho Club notepad. Notes regarding Mr’s Lynches dentures, (1975) and reconstituting materials for new work. Word play with ref to ‘Zylko’. Contact details for individuals in Dublin.
Fax note to ‘Shawn’ with mention of ‘Ben’, ‘George’, ‘Chris’, ‘Robert’, ‘John Hurt’ [actor] as a guest in Amsterdam and Kieran Guinness [friend] another to Sue Flanagan [ex-wife].

Note on theatre with mention of ‘Pataphysics, Benvento Cellini [an opera about the life of the sculptor], ‘Nikos & David’, [Nikos Stangos and David Plante], ‘Nick & Jashia’ [Nick Wadley and Jasia Reichardt keepers of the Themerson Archive] and Roland Muldoon [Hackney Empire]. Advertisement for a cellist to sit as a model, reference to copyright (01 May 2002) and the work of Andy Warhol. Loose pages with negative frames. Notes by Jessica Sturgess [Flanagan’s partner], and notes on Rowford Process.

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