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Loose texts and articles, 1982-2008

3 volumes, 4 folders

Pieces referencing Barry Flanagan and his work, arranged chronologically.

Periodicals in full referencing Flanagan and his work are catalogued separately and form part of the library of Barry Flanagan.


Angus Forbes Journal, Special Edition (June 2007), 2007

Date Range
1 volume
1 volume
Scope and Content

Photocopied booklet, cover note and envelope.

Article on Barry Flanagan, ‘How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love ‘Pataphysics’, by Angus Forbes with images of Flanagan and Roland Muldoon, Jasia Reichardt, Jessica Sturgess, Leslie Waddington, Felx Mottram, Michael Price and Leaping Hare on Creasent Bell (1988). Covering letter addressed to Flanagan and Jessica Sturgess by Forbes(9 July 2007). Loose sheet of writing entitled ‘Annals of the February Liberation Movement’ by Forbes on Flanagan’s presentation of Franciszka Themerson’s masks at The Ivy restaurant, London.

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