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Writings with related papers, 1978-2009

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Files containing loose sheets of writings including faxes, draft letters, thoughts and artists statements on professional and personal matters, with related sketches, notes, correspondence, press-cuttings and images.

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Writings with related papers (July 1981 – August 1991), 1981-1991
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Letters, faxes, notes and drawings.

Letter regarding Flanagan’s move to Ibiza. Originals of letter to David Rotherberg, (9 July 1981). Original faxes and notes to Rotherberg (10 July 1991), to ‘Mr McKie’, Steward of Jesus College, Cambridge, UK (2 August 1991). Faxes and notes to ‘Ricado’ [Writer/Curator Richard Mcneff] and to ‘Kevin’, to Anna Gowin (22 June 1991), to ‘Penny’ (12 June 1991), and to Hazel Gardiner, assistant to Barry Flanagan.

Letter to Renate Widmann and to Monica Flanagan (24 June 1991) detailing musings on various matters including art criticism and the tutoring of a student in sculpture. Drawings and designs for stamps. Concrete poetry. Word plays with drawings of ears detailed with base and treble clef motif. Drawing of a hare on a boat. Musings on art and view of life. Anamorphic drawings including those of an elephant, a dragon and an Ostrich.

Notes of research regarding respiration, skin and material weave. Proposal regarding the Olympics. Cartoon drawing and note relating to Samuel Beckett (5 April 1991).

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