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Press-cuttings files, 1970-2008

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Files of press-cuttings and photocopies of press-cuttings from the national and international press and specialist publications, the majority of which make reference to the work of Barry Flanagan, filed broadly chronologically and gathered by a combination of Flanagan, contracted press agencies, galleries and related organisations.

Press cuttings 1970 – 1993, 1970-1993
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Scope and Content

Cuttings of articles, reviews, essays and a press release.

Articles regarding others; Stephen Tapper in Country Life, 2 March 1980. P.J. Kavanagh in The Spectator, 6 June 1987. Jay Landesman, ‘Interview by Ena Kendall, The Observer, 5 July 1987. James Parry in The Montreal Downtowner, 12 August 1987 and A. Jay Close, World Reporter, 2 October 1987. Ted Hughes’, The Daily Telegraph, [c.1988], David Lister on Samuel Becketts’ work, John Calder and Eric Griffiths, Beckett Obituaries, 27 December 1989.

Articles on with or relationship to Flanagan in the press:
Note from Alister Warman – Art Council of Great Britain on William Packer in The Financial Times, 19 December 1978. E Van Peteghen, Sidmar Niews, July – August 1980. Hampstead and Hightgate Express 24 October 1980, Dudley Mountney, Vogue, February 1985. Sunday Times Magazine, 5 April 1987 and Sarah Kent, Time Out, 26 November – 3 December and ‘Arts’, The Independent, 25 November 1986,

La Prensa. BS. AS ‘16 British Sculptors’, Argentina 1970.
Charlotte Parry – Crooke, Contemporary British Artists with Photographs by Walia. Bergstrom and Boyle Books, London 1979.
Eindhoven, Stedelijk VanAbbe Museum, 1982, Haarlem The Netherlands. Peter Campbell, ‘Eye-Catchers’, London Review of Books, 4 December 1986 on British art Since 1900, by Frances Spalding, Thames and Hudson.

Burleighfield Printing House at the Hew Arts Centre, New Arts Centre London (1972); Oswell Blakeston.

Barry Flanagan: Sculpture 1966 – 1976 (1976) Arnolfini Gallery and 1977 Hayward Annual, Hayward Gallery (1977) by Nigel Gosling.

William Packer, ‘The Visual Arts, The Financial Times, 9 January 1979. [Years review]. Waldemar Januszczak, ‘Press View’ The Guardian, 9 May 1980.

Wave Hill 1983: Bronze Sculpture in the Landscape, Wave Hill, NY (1983) Kim Levin and another in the New York Times, 8 July 1983. Press Release, Bronze: Wave Hill 1983, NY, 15 April 1983.

The British Art Show: Old Allegiances and New Directions 1979 – 1984, Southampton Art Gallery (1985) Southern Evening Echo, 26 July 1985.

Falls the Shadow: Recent British and European Art – Hayward Annual 1986, Monica Petzal, William Feaver.

Barry Flanagan: prints 1970 – 1983, The Tate Gallery (1986)
Critics Choice, The Sunday Times 22 June 1986.

British Art in the Twentieth Century: The Modern Movement, Royal Academy of Arts (1987) Richard Dorment.

Rosetta Brookes, Flash Art, April 1974, Catherine Lampert, Artists December/January 1980, Michael Newman, Art in America, April 1982, Catherine Francblin, Art Press, March 1983, Joan Simon, Art in America, 3 March 1983, William Feaver, Artnews, April 1983, Bernard Blistnè, CNAE, April 1983, Art and Artists, London, June 1985 [NA]. Charles Harrison Artscribe International, June/July 1986 and Alain Borer, Art Show 3, Winter 1986 – 87

Note from R & C Press Clipping Bureau and press clipping on Birthdays, 11 January 1981 [no publication]. ‘Birthdays’, The Guardian, 11 January 1986 and ‘Birthday’s’ [for the week], The Guardian Leisure, 5 January 1985.

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