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Press-cuttings files, 1970-2008

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Files of press-cuttings and photocopies of press-cuttings from the national and international press and specialist publications, the majority of which make reference to the work of Barry Flanagan, filed broadly chronologically and gathered by a combination of Flanagan, contracted press agencies, galleries and related organisations.


Press cuttings 1976 – 2001, 1976-2001

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Scope and Content

Cuttings of articles and reviews regarding Flanagan and others [where authors, publications or dates are not mentioned they are not known].

Notes articles and features on Flanagan:
Notes dated 8 November 1988, with drawings and mention of David Rothenberg, ‘Copper from Clerkenwell Green’, Naomi Feinstein and note of the Royal Academy.

Reports on works in collections:
Magazine voor, Maastricht En Euregio, 1997. Tam – Tam 24 September 1997. Knokke Online, 23 June 1998. De Streekkrant, East Coast edition, 9 July 1998. Tam –Tam, 16 September 1998. Tam –Tam, 16 September 1998. Ludo Bekkers, Kunstbeelb, December 1997 – January 1998. E-mail from Felix to Hester, 24 June 1999 with copies of articles in Dutch.

Elaine Louie, The New York Times, 2 May 1999 and Report, [NA], ‘Sculpture Garden, USA TODAY, 20 May 1999. Richard Gray Gallery, correspondents from Suzy Koch with copy of article, Stanley Meisler, ‘Sculpture blossoms in a new garden on the Mall’, Smithsonian, August 1999. Elaine Louie, The New York Times, 2 May 1999.

The Art Newspaper January 2000. Roger Bevan, The Art Newspaper, January 2000. ‘Barry Flanangan Scultpure Installation’, City of Beverly Hills installs Public Art by Barry Flanagan’. Sally Vallongo, Peach, Ohio, 1 June 2001.

Listings and Reviews:
Live in Your Head: Concepts and Experiment in Britain 1965 – 75, Whitechapel Gallery (2000); Entertainment News, 17 and 20 January 2000 and London At Large, 3 November 1999. Entertainment News 13 December 1999.

65th Grosvenor House Art and Antiques Fair (1999)
Godfrey Barker, Evening Standard, 7 June 1999.

Le Champs de la Sculpture 2000, Champs-Elysées, Paris (2000).
Artists, September – October 1999. Liberation, 16, 21, 22, 23, 27, 28 September 1999. Liberation, 11, 12, October 1999. Liberation, 1, 2, November 1999.

Jean – Emmanuel Richomme, Marie Claire Maison, September 1999.
Voyager Magazine, September 1999. Pariscope, 22 September 1999. Le Point, 24 September 1999. Paris Le Journal, September 1999. Wilfried Wiegand, Frankfurter Allgeine, 22 September 1999.
Judy Fayard, Wall Street Journal, 24 September 1999.
Listing, Le Nouvel Observateur, 23 September 1999.
Alison Benney, Where Paris, September 1999.
Elisabeth Lebovici, Liberation, 18 September 1999. Champs de la sculpture no 2. Paris Capitale, September 1999. Eurostar Magazine, September 1999.

Pierré – Andre´Boutang ét Peter Wien, Arte Magazine, 23 October 1999. Where Paris, October 1999. IDEAT and Art Actual, September – October 1999 and Denis Picard and A Carpentier – D Herman, Connaissance Des Arts, October 1999.

Ten for the Century, De La War Pavilion, Bexhill on Sea. (1999).
Richard Ingleby, Listings, The Independent, 25 September 1999.

Sculpture at Kells, Kells Priory, Co Kilkenny, Ireland, (1999);
Sean Keane, Kilkenny People, Week Ending 27 August 1999.

Photocopy image c.1999, Opera Dog (1990) and work reminiscent of Inverted pyramid, Dec 13/81, (1981). Note from Florence Cathiard from Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte and article no author, no publication with image if Hospitality (1990).

Articles, reviews and ephemera on other subjects:
Viamonte, 19 August 1976. Hartford Connecticut, January 1976. Mainliner, February 1976. The Independent, 6 September 1977. ‘New Shopping Mall Concept At Citicorp’, New York Construction, 19 April 1976 [laser print out c.1999].

Peter Palumbo, ‘An artist’s touch for bricks and mortar’, c.1988. Brian Sewell, Evening Standard, 5 March 1988. Courtney Dainton, The Lady, 26 February 1987. Philip Core, ‘David Robilliard’ Obtiurary, November 1988. Chez Max, Richmond, restaurant review c.1988. Grey Gowrie, The Daily Telegraph, 27 July 1996. Louise East, ‘Brilliant evocation of a tortured genius, The Irish Times, 7 October 1998. Nick Nuttall, The most popular sites are often the silliest’, c.1997. Isabel Hurley, ‘City fathers bemused by the Geek with the Beak, 1998.
Sharon Diviney, ‘Floozy finds a friend’, c.1998. Liam Brennan, ‘Great actors but little substance to Van Gogh’, c.1998. Michael Gibson, International Herald Tribune, 5 – 6, 1998. Linus Gregoriadis, ‘Its true nature revealed’, c.1999. Home News Section, The Irish Times, 13 February 1999. Paul Sexton, Happy Birthday suit to youth’, 22 January 1999. Review in Style, [ND], Colin McDowell, Thierry Mugler, Fashion, Fetish, Fantasy. Andrew Smith, ‘Not mad about the boys’, [c.1999].

Postcards from Mallorca and of ‘Samuel Beckett, Irish Nobel Prize-winners for literature ‘c.1999.

The Art Newspaper, January 2000. Rachel Thomas, ‘Mad for it’ Ada Louise Huxtable, ‘Museums: Making it New, review of ‘Towards a New Museum, by Victoria Newhouse, Monacelli, The New York Review’.

Flyer for Diamonds in the Soil, play by Patrick O’Reilly, Macnas, Black Box Theatre Galway and review; Eamon Cork, ‘Starry night with Macnas’.

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