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Private view cards, 1974-2009

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Files of private view cards for solo and group exhibitions featuring the work of Barry Flanagan and other artists, with related papers.

Barry Flanagan, 1966-1994
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2 folders (1/2) & (2/2)
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This file has been created for recently acquired replacements for the early private view cards which were originally in Barry Flanagan’s collection, but have since gone missing. These cards themselves are not the one ones owned by Flanagan but are representative of those which used to form part of his collection.

Private view cards Barry Flanagan Sculpture, Rowan Gallery, 1966. Barry Flanagan Recent Sculpture, Rowan Gallery 1968 and an artist biography for the same show. Rowan Gallery press release detailing leaves from Flanagan’s notebooks, two private view cards for Barry Flanagan recent Work, Rowan Gallery 1969, Barry Flanangan Sculpture in Bronze 1980 – 1981, Waddington Galleries, 1981 and Film Show, Situation, London 1971.

Land Art, ARD (SBF), Berlin 1969 and associated exhibition catalogue. Dokumentation Land Art at Insell, Hamburg 1970. Barry Flanangan Enviroment Skulpturen, Galerie Ricke, Kassel, 1968, Barry Flanagan Skulptuur, 1977 and Barry Flanangan, 1980 both at the Stedelijk Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven and Barry Flanagan Galerie Hans Mayer, Dusseldorf, 1994.

Barry Flannagan New Work, Fischbach, NYC, 1969, Barry Flanagan New Sculpture, Richard Gray Gallery, Chicago 1985, Barry Flanangan Disegni, Ariete Grafica, Milan, 1974.

In English, German and Italian.

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