Hierarchy / Diaries

Diaries, 1976-2006

17 volumes

Appointment diaries, year books and monthly planners, the majority of which contain entries and notes on personal and professional matters.

1981, 1981
Date Range
1 volume
1 volume
Scope and Content

Small black pocket diary 1981 containing notes, appointments and lists.

Small pen drawings of vessel forms. Notes of Flanagan’s parents wedding anniversary, to design something memorable for Mike [Flanagan’s brother] and to fix a date for a trip to the zoo with ‘Ted [Power] and William’. Note of meetings with Massimo Valsecci, Georgio Persano , Paul Potts [Poet] and a trip to Milan, Pietrasanta and Pisa in Italy.

Note of meetings with ‘Hester’ [Hester van Roijen art dealer], Patrick Caufield [artist], Stephen Howard [artist], Jan Dibbets [artist], George Melly [musician, critic and writer], David Brown [collector, writer and critic] and Cecelia Plunkett [assistant at the Rowan Gallery]. Note of meeting with Rudi [Fuchs, curator and art historian] the Chelsea Arts Club [artist’s social club], Art and Project, Amsterdam Gallery and Leslie [Waddington of Waddington Galeries].

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