Hierarchy / Diaries

Diaries, 1976-2006

17 volumes

Appointment diaries, year books and monthly planners, the majority of which contain entries and notes on personal and professional matters.

1976, 1976
Date Range
1 volume
1 volume
Scope and Content

Blue pocket diary 1976, similar content to JBF/2.1, [additional material mentioned below].

Note of David Wood [actor] and meetings ‘Caroline’, ‘Angelo’, Tom Philips [artist], Jonathan Hump, ‘Rick and Betsop’. Note of Clement Greenberg, Dick Smith [Richard], Klaus Rinke, Cyril Barrett. Appointments at the British Council and with Alex Gregory Hood [of the Rowan Gallery] at his home Loxley Hall. Note of ‘Celia and David [Plunkett]’, David [Plant], Nicos [Stangos], Rudy fuchs, Tony [Stokes] and Teresa [Gleadowe], Bridget Reily, ‘Tim'[Craig], ‘Fanny’, ‘William and Polly,’ and ‘Roland’s opening in Cardiff’.

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