Hierarchy / Diaries

Diaries, 1976-2006

17 volumes

Appointment diaries, year books and monthly planners, the majority of which contain entries and notes on personal and professional matters.

1986, 1986-1987
Date Range
1 volume
1 volume
Scope and Content

Green diary from 1986 containing notes, appointments, photographs, invitations and lists.

Meetings with ‘Hester [Hester van Roijen art dealer], Paul and Debbie’, John Blake [publisher and journalist] at the Guildhall School of music, ‘Jim and Geof’ and Nigel Greenwood [art dealer]. Note of a presentation to be given by Flanagan, meetings with ‘Brian Richards’ and ‘Lesley Green’, Sanda Miller [fashion writer and critic], ‘Robert Dufton’, Christopher Brett [Lord Esher] and [Charles] Saatchi. Note of ‘Ms Foster’ at Arnolfini Gallery Bristol, meeting ‘Paul David Ward’ and ‘Jon T Hayward’ [Jon Thompson at the Hayward], Pace Gallery and Leslie Waddington.

Carol Blackburn at the Hayward Gallery, ‘Keith and Ksyna’, Ted Power [collector], David Brown [collector, writer and critic], Donald Judd [artist], John Kasmin [art dealer] and Tim Scott [artist]. Meetings with David Sylvester, [art critic] Peter Townsend [editor], Alan Bowness [former director of the Tate], Mark Truscott [poet], Judith Bumpus [arts radio producer] Anita Klesch [art historian] and Mike Collier [artist].

Meetings with ‘Christopher Cook’, Katherine Porter [writer], Ron Bishop [writer], John and Myfanwy Piper [both artists and writers] and a pen drawing of a map. Meeting ‘David and Rose’ and note of
‘Judith Higgins [art critic] at Art News [artist David] Tremlett. Meetings with Mike Collier [artist], Carine Asscher [filmmaker of The Killing Detail], ‘Pepe Mani’ The National Arts Club NYC and Bernard Gross.

Availability of A&A sculpture technicians including Marc Quinn [assistant] and Kate [Flanagan’s assistant]. Jim Moyes [founder Momart Ltd] and Kevin Whitney [artist]. Details of Monica Flanagan’s [Flanagan’s mother] trip to see John Flanagan [Flanagan’s brother] and photographs of family in the USA. Invitation to Flanagan and Renate Widmann by Roc Sandford and Adam Kiron’s [producer] and an invitation to the Colony Room Club’s anniversary party. Christmas card from ‘Jonathan and Cheryl’ [Parks, engineer and wife].

Reference to ‘8’ Hare and Horse sculptures, Elephant works,
‘Hayward returning stones.’ and of Nijinski Hare (1985). Dates for trips to New York, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Ireland.

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