Hierarchy / Diaries

Diaries, 1976-2006

17 volumes

Appointment diaries, year books and monthly planners, the majority of which contain entries and notes on personal and professional matters.

1990, 1990
Date Range
1 volume
1 volume
Scope and Content

Black pocket diary 1990 containing notes, appointments and lists.

Drawing in the inside cover of a bicycle with a child’s seat. Meetings with Fiona Shackleton [solicitor], Kevin Whitney [artist], Jeanette Kingslot, Hasbro Bradley [American Multinational toy company], David Plante and Nikos Stangos, ‘Kate McFarlane’, David Tremlet, ‘Michael Cresty’ and the Groucho Club [private members club].

Meetings with Brigid Campbell, Peter Briggs [director], Seamus Heaney [poet], Michael Kingston, Pane Levy, Carolyn Carlton [actress]. Patrick Moore [astronomer], John Dunbar [artist], John Berger [artist and critic], Oliver Sacks [neurologist and author], Stan [Stanley Brobyn, artist], Muldoon [Roland of the Hackney Empire], Wayne Sleep [director and choreographer], ‘Geofry’ [Geoffrey Holder, director of the Dance Theatre of Harlem], Colin Renfrew [of Jesus College Cambridge], Leopoldo Maler [artist], ‘David Plunket [Labour politician], Chris Crosthwaite and Pascale Lespinasse [life model for Flanagan]. Meeting with Henry Brown, Annely and David Juda [gallerists, David Juda, Annely’s son], and Colin and Jane [Renfrew].

Ronnie Whitehouse [director], Simon Hitchman [director], ‘Hillary Gresham, Dick L Page, Douglas Wolf’. Address of Adrian Henri [poet and painter, in another’s hand,]. Joyce Caruso [director] Roger Law [caricaturist], Roberta Booth [artist], Eddie Gray [musican], Tim Payne, ‘Matt’ Kitson’s Pub, Devons Road, London, Stoneleigh [Warwickshire] and Misha ‘the Russians’. Addresses of Quentin Crisp [writer] and meetings with Kasper Konig [curator], John Sharkey and Dom [Sylvester Houedard, both concrete poets], Miro Foundation [artists foundation], Ted Power, Anglia Flowers and John Jones [poet]. ‘Stefan Thermerson and Jashia Reichardt’s library’ [artists Jasia Reichardt and Nick Wadley, keepers of the Themerson Archive.

Drawings of the Flanagan coat of arms with note of associated places and of a hare fishing on a rock. Notes of the opening of Flanangan’s exhibition at Waddington Galleries 1990 a telegram regarding Horse works, on theatre, Jesus College Cambridge, ‘Potclays.’ hotels in Paris, books and book shops including Exploring West Cork by Jack Roberts and the of work of Benjimin Britten [composer].

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