Hierarchy / Diaries

Diaries, 1976-2006

17 volumes

Appointment diaries, year books and monthly planners, the majority of which contain entries and notes on personal and professional matters.


2001, 2001

Date Range
1 volume
1 volume
Scope and Content

Black pocket diary 2001 containing notes, appointments and lists.

Geometric shapes drawn on each day of the year throughout the diary. Meetings with Patrick O Reilly [artist], Bruce Arnold [journalist and author] at IMMA [Irish Museum of Modern Art], Leslie Waddington and ‘Martin Torquay’. A meeting between ‘John Birr and Roe at Jury’s’ [hotel in Dublin] and ‘Patrick Ferry at the Clarence Hotel’ and ‘Thomas Grant. Another of lunch at IMMA and Gerald Barry [composer], ‘Tim, Padraic and Dr John Cloney’.

Meetings with Thieri Foulc [of the Pataphysique College], James Nolan [artist], Dorothy Walker [critic], David Sylvester [critic], Note of a ‘varnishing day at the Chelsea Arts Club to RSVP to Ginny Freeland’. Meeting with Louis Le Brocquy [artist], Anne Madden [artist], Patrick Scott [artist], Tony Best [musician], Bill Turnbull [artist], ‘John and Belinda [Caprice] and Craigie Aitchison [artist].

Meeting with Patrick O Reilly at the Mayor [Gallery, London] and O’ Reilly at Origins Gallery [Dublin]. Contact details for Enrique [Juncosa] critic and curator, later director of IMMA]. Meetings with ‘Ruth Hampson’, Dr Stephen Deuchar, Sir Nick Serota [directors at Tate], ‘Dan Walsh, ‘Merein Gledswood’, Jean Claude and Ruth’. Meeting with Richard Grey Gallery [Chicago and New York], ‘Hugo, Alistair’, Val Beamish [member of the Beamish Irish brewing family], ‘Vicci Julean and Ulrich’.

Meeting with Kathy Gilfillan [director of the Lilliput press, Dublin] and ‘McGuiness’ [Paul McGuiness founder of Principle Management Limited: an artist management company in Dublin], Kip Gresham [printmaker], James McCreary [artist].

Contact details for Louis Le Brocquy. Drawings of female forms inscribed ‘NYC’ and ‘the three graces’ a flying bomb and ideas for sculptures. Note of the Groucho Club, Momart and Tate Day return train ticket to Petersfield, Hampshire from London (02 February 2002). Contact telephone numbers of family, friends and business associates.

Note of ‘Potclay’s moving to Enfield’, ‘Patrick and Geraldine’, a book at deVeres auction [deVeres Art Auctions, Dublin]. Note of the Hackney Empire, the Whitechapel Gallery, of Johnstownbridge in Co Kildare, Ireland, the Buena Vista Social Club [band] playing in Smithfield [Dublin], The Gate Theatre [Dublin], The Royal Hospital Morehampton Road [Dublin]. Notes of technicians and assistants at foundries, ‘John, Les, Tanya’ [of the Dublin Art Foundry] and Robert Armstrong. Anny [Casbolt assistant to Flanagan], note ‘Gerald goes to Sharon Goddard’. Financial notes and note of art supplies in Dublin, List of groceries, contacts in Dublin, note of the Avis Grand Hotel Torquay, family travel plans and special occasions.

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