Hierarchy / Diaries

Diaries, 1976-2006

17 volumes

Appointment diaries, year books and monthly planners, the majority of which contain entries and notes on personal and professional matters.

2004, 2003-2004
Date Range
1 volume
1 volume
Scope and Content

Brown leather pocket diary 2004 containing notes, appointments and lists.

Drawings of symmetrical shapes on selected days of the year – some numbered. Note ‘busking on Grafton Street and Temple Bar in Dublin, of the Gaiety Theatre Dublin with Jessica [Sturgess], ‘Mary, Dawn and Sarah’, of John Pearse [tailor], ‘Alice Martin, Jean Freeman, Jacques Du Pan Roger and Sally Moss’, Oriel Myrddin [Gallery Wales], ‘Sally, Jean, Kate’. Note to ‘sketch Judy’, note of Anthony Fawcett [writer and art critic], David Brown, Nick Wadley, Peter Blake [artist], ‘Chris, John Minim, Sara Polunin’ and the Hackney Empire [theatre London].

Travel to Amsterdam, note of Johan Van Oord [artist], ‘dinner with Jeny’ [Bremer], an event in the Hague, the Netherlands, ‘Simone Martin, and the note ‘RIP Frank Martin'[sculptor, died this year]. Gerard Hemsworth [artist], note of ‘male model in Jenny’s [Bremmer], Annbritt [Olsson, assistant to Flanagan], John Reuter [photographer], ‘David Hardy’ and word play on the Groucho club. Note of David Plante, Paul Kasmin, C M Price, Felix [Mottram] and ‘Karls project work’, ‘Leslie’s 70th birthday party’ [Waddinton],’Matthew, Dave, Ned and Janet’. ‘Manoler’ Alexander and Bonin [Gallery NYC], note of etchings, ‘Yasuo, Merce Cunningham [dancer], ‘Moreno Page, Gino, Craig-Martin [Michael, artist], Jasia [Reichardt, artist and keeper of the Themerson Archive] ‘tea with Finbar’, Michael and Heasook, Paul Etienne Lincoln [artist], Eric Pearce [photographer], Dorothy Walker and IMMA, Ciaran Bennett [critic], ‘Sandra Elliott, Alexander McLure,’ Maastricht, the Netherlands and note of business address in Dublin in another’s hand. Note of ‘Sandra, Robert Bell, the Graphic Studio Dublin James McCreary [artist], notes regarding availability of assistants and technicians, Tommy, Kate Philips, Jesse James, Minni [Jillett]. Note of dates for Art Basle, Tokyo, Peter Unsworth [painter], ‘Adrienne and Michael’, Robin Marchesi [writer],’ Jean Jacques, Arnold Weissman’.

Note of Peter Black, Marc Quinn, Enrique Juncosa [art critic and curator then director of IMMA], Sandro Rumney [Peggy Guggenheim’s son] and Dr John Cooney, ‘Enfield Martin’ and a note of Bloomsday [day dedicated to James Joyce celebrated in Dublin]. ‘Ciara at Tate Modern’, Deborah Bull [assistant to Flanagan], Julian Leith [architect], Andrew Lord [artist], Amanda Clara, Matthew Dave, Clara Bottinos, David Doyle, Charlotte Grant, the Chelsea Arts Club and travel to Ibiza. John Martin, Robert Kinnick ‘after Vivian Westwood’. Jan Rosenblade, Peter Winscrea – ‘the documenta man’, NCAD – National College of Art and Design Dublin, ‘Barbara Dawson, Christina Kennedy’, Miquel Barcelo and the elections at the Royal Academy, London. Note of the hotel Bombay Puna Alora, Goa, India. List of work locations, passwords lists of food. Note of the Hague.

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