Hierarchy / Diaries

Diaries, 1976-2006

17 volumes

Appointment diaries, year books and monthly planners, the majority of which contain entries and notes on personal and professional matters.


2003, 2003

Date Range
1 volume
1 volume
Scope and Content

Large green diary 2003 in Spanish similar in content to JBF/2.13, [additional material mentioned below].

Wordplay drawings of symmetrical shapes on selected days of the year, lists of terms and colours concerned with mythology and symbolism. Meetings with ‘Louise Romain’, ‘Jean Jacques’, Lisa Milroy [artist] ‘Anna, Alan Browning, Tanya’ [Nyegaard, Flanagan’s assistant], Richard McNeff [writer], ‘Antonio Villanueva,’Sonia Faireclough’, Laurent Bodier [art critic and curator]. Meeting with architect Marilena and of ‘Vernon’ shipping works and ‘Sherrie’ packing. Meeting with Felix Mottram.

Meetings with ‘Louise’, ‘Phyllida [Reid]’, ‘Charles and Noel’. Michael Price, ‘Alexandra de Castro, Mark Glazebrook [art dealer and curator] and Cherry Moorsom [Glazebrooks wife] and ‘a big etching, John Koma’. Meetings with ‘Meredith, Peter Homestead [artist] and ‘Vinnie Nardone’. ‘Betty and Gabriella’ at the Mill Kilkenny, Ireland, Roland [Muldoon], Gabriella and John [Latham] in Essex, meeting annotated ‘Leslie, Sarah and me select a small show’, Meeting with ‘David and Caroline’, ‘Dennis Archer in London’, ‘Robert Fill and John Couch,’ Eric Fischl [artist] and ‘Molly at the Gagosian [Galleries]. Meetings with David Sale, Bono [musician] at the national Portrait Gallery, Barbara Dawson [director of the Huge Lane Gallery], Pascale [life model for Flanagan], ‘Antonia, Klaus’ and Paul Levy [author].

Note of David Thomas [musician], a ‘Ron Woods [musician] etching in the Ivy [restaurant]. Note of ‘Barry’s bottle party at the Ivy with list of guests including among others Peter and Chris Blake [artist Peter Blake], ‘Tom Flynn’ and Mark Jones [then director of the Victoria and Albert Museum]. Note for a speech for the ‘International Museum Program’ with mention of ‘Hobby’, Jessica [Sturgess Flanagan’s partner] and Flanagan’s mother. Note on family members. Personal musings, Note of ‘Roger, further notes for a speech referencing European citizenship, family and community ties. Note of ‘Jack of Trumps’ [race horse] and a map to ‘Marianne and Dominque’s. ‘Note of ‘Julio Luna’, Large Thinker on Computer (2003), moving ‘clay to Manhattan’ and itinerary for trip to New York. Note of ‘the Casbolts’, [Anni Casbolt, Flanagan’s assistant] and of the John F Kennedy Centre for the performing Art’s Washington DC, ‘Madeleine’ [Bessborough New Art Centre London] and Acrobat works. Notes for correspondents regarding a charitable auction. Note of Colin Renfrew’s book ‘Figuring it out’ and the Holly [Snapp] Gallery, Venice.

Note of a cello benefit event at the National Concert Hall in Dublin. Note musing on Flanagan’s early career Note of Ubu [Roi, Alfred Jarry’s fictitious character], ‘Michael and John’, Thinker on Rock (1997)and Regents Park. Star signs Cancer, Leo and Capricorn cut out of a newspaper. Note on ‘Writers on Artists’ and Seamus Heaney on Barrie Cooke [artist]. Note of the Centre Du Sculpture, France. Musings on work, socialism and liberal monetarism, travel to Spain, the Serpentine gallery and ‘Kip’s signing lunch’ [printmaker Kip Gresham]. Note of ‘Sylvia, drawing with calculations for sculpture with reference to earlier work annotated; ‘one sack’ and ‘stack’. Plans to spend August in NYC and of Paul Kasmin.

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