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Files containing loose sheets of writings including faxes, draft letters, thoughts and artists statements on professional and personal matters, with related sketches, notes, correspondence, press-cuttings and images.

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Writings with related papers (February 1998), 1998
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Writings, notes, thoughts and musings- photocopied from other files with other original notes at the back of file.

Photocopied notes: Musings over artistic position and career. Thoughts on post W.W.II British society.

Various notes dated (21 February 1998):
Note on Monica Flanagan. Thoughts on labelling and cataloguing. Note to Felix Mottram regarding interpretation in art with reference to Jane Russell with the base and treble clef motif.
Note with reference to Hugh Weldon, John Latham, Gustav Metzger, John Sharkey, Melvyn Bragg, Anthony Caro and Patrick Heron.

Note on the importance of thinking over reading. Personal musings. Note on repetition and Zen beats with reference to ‘Mr Ford’ [US President Gerald Ford]. Photocopy of a street map to ‘Elizabeth’s shop (orange)’. Photocopy of various blue pen portrait drawings.
Photocopied note (20 February 1998) regarding the situational aspect of the fabrication of sculpture. Note on Jane Russell, Howard Hughes and aviation. Musings and word play concerned with mortality, St Matins and the ICA, the latter with the base and treble clef motif.

Poetry with reference to Silans and artist Fredrick Gore. Note for a fax to John Latham (19 February 1998) with mention of ‘the common object’ and ‘language’. Note on Henry Moore another on [cartoonists] Carl Giles and David Levine. Musings on bravado and passion (18 February 1998) revisited in 2001. Notes of biography, musing on influences mentioning George Melly [jazz singer, art historian and critic] ‘Pataphysics, Rick Gray [of ‘Richard’ Gray Gallery] and The Evergreen Review. Note on Flanagan’s mother and father’s early family life in Berwick Street, Soho. Note on Flanagan’s failings as a writer. Note of Ralph Brown’s sculpture at the Tate with reference to Kenneth Armitage. Another note of biography with reference of influence of Stanley Brobyn, Philip King, Adrian Montford and Frank Martin.

Original note on the importance of education with reference to travel with mention of Cuba and ‘Trudi Gudrum of the British Council’ (17 February 1998). Note on ‘The Academy’. Note to ‘Peter’ with the base a treble clef motif. Photocopy of a note to ‘Chris’ [artist Chris Landoni] with mention of Caro’s abstraction. Personal musings and wordplay.

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