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Writings with related papers, 1978-2009

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Files containing loose sheets of writings including faxes, draft letters, thoughts and artists statements on professional and personal matters, with related sketches, notes, correspondence, press-cuttings and images.

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Writings with related papers (April 1996 – July 1997), 1996-1997
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Writings, faxes, drawings and designs compiled in Dublin and New York.

Notes dealing with the prevalence of the digital within culture. Concrete poetry. Love letters. Colour photocopy of a still life. Detail from ‘Somethings Etruscan’. Various Ink-jet copies of a life drawing, with various types of cropping, one with Jarryesque text. Drawing of three female figures in the style of Egyptian hieroglyphics with the caption ‘Mehitabel – the mother of Archie’, [possibly in reference to the comic play by Don Marquis, ‘Archy and Mehitabel’].

Note on living in Dublin. Word play. Sketch of three hares standing on academic mortarboard caps, another sketch of a hare on the reverse with reference to Europe. Note with the base and treble clef motif referencing soft sculpture and European citizenship. Note to ‘Dr Land’ regarding boards for photographs.

Note to ‘Meg’ regarding tapes acquired through Channel 13 NYC with reference to Deepk Chopra. Note and drawing referencing mortality made in NYC. Note on the foundry and bronze as a material. Note to ‘Paul’ regarding dinner plans referencing Jarry with Jarryesgue spirals. Ink-jet print of Leaping Hare (facing left). Drawing of a large finger pointing at a figure with Jarryesque spirals. Drawing of a winged figure. Ink-jet print of Leaping Hare (facing right). Ink drawing of a match. Drawing of a male and female figure with a Masonic compass symbol, duality symbolism and a drawing of a Japanese warrior. Reference to shaman, Adam and Eve with the note ‘one boiled egg’. Lists and drawings of garments such as sandals and tie-collars.

Drawing of a hare on a ball, on a goal post. Drawing of a hare on a wheel with a letter on the reverse to Roland [Muldoon] with reference to David Plunkett and Chris Groethwaite. Ink drawing of a Bishop. Full scale template of 3 foot hare in profile [for use in the making of wax moulds].

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