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Writings with related papers, 1978-2009

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Files containing loose sheets of writings including faxes, draft letters, thoughts and artists statements on professional and personal matters, with related sketches, notes, correspondence, press-cuttings and images.

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Writings with related papers (February 1998 – August 2001), 1995-2001
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Drawings, thoughts and writings.

Note on bravado taken from a smaller notebook. Note with a drawing of a suitcase referencing Europe. Sketch with reference to symbols representing different nations. Photocopy of faxed notes and copies of Barry Flanagan’s essay ‘Why the Hare?’ sent from Ann Mulrooney to Felix Mottram of Waddington Galleries. Draft notes and typed edits of biography and early life in Wales. Notes on agency as an artist, American culture, self-image and post WW2 European culture. Note and drawing titled ‘Thanks Manhattan’ with a hare figure on a mound of sea salt (05 October 99). Photocopied image of Leaping Hare on Crescent Bell (1988) installed on Park Avenue, New York, USA.

Photocopied sketch of 2 hare figures on a rock with the note ‘maquette’ added later. Drawing of hares and a unicorn with word play with the inscription ‘monument to the learning’. Photocopy of drawings reminiscent of pipe cleaner hare works. Photocopy of the leaping hare header repeated in a grid. Note inviting an unnamed critic to write in reaction to an ‘enclosed visual’. Note on commercial galleries. Note on love. Note of telephone number of Arnotts [department store in Dublin].

Morphological sketches and notes on sculptures such as Dragon II (2002). Miniature photocopy of photograph of Cricketer (1989), another of Leaping Hare on Crescent Bell (1988) both installed in Manhattan. Story board views of a bird. Drawing of a hare and a bird. Drawing of a hare playing a guitar with the base and treble clef motif with the note ‘ode to Beuys’.

Poetry. Note on a table sign from the Le Meridien restaurant at the Shelbourne Hotel Dublin with mention of Lucian Freud’s muse. Note with reference to ‘Jeeves’ [P.G Wodehouse’s fictional character] and Ubu Roi [Alfred Jarry’s fictional character]. Poetry with reference to Spain. Note on travel with reference to Flanagan’s grandfather being a sailor. Word play on monuments, Poetry with reference to Sixties Dish (1970), another referencing stage movements and a note with word play on monuments. Note on the characteristics of the horse and dog as the subject matter for sculpture. Drawing of a hare leaning over a fish tank. Note on the archive. Poetry with reference to turning 60. Postcards with the note ‘Thank you Manhattan’ (09 October) with leaping hare motif. Note of Jessica Craig-Martin. Various other cards with leaping hare motif, one with the bronze hare motif.

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