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Press-cuttings files, 1970-2008

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Files of press-cuttings and photocopies of press-cuttings from the national and international press and specialist publications, the majority of which make reference to the work of Barry Flanagan, filed broadly chronologically and gathered by a combination of Flanagan, contracted press agencies, galleries and related organisations.

Press cuttings 1983 – 2008, 1983-2008
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Scope and Content

Cuttings of articles and reviews regarding Flanagan and others [where authors, publications or dates are not mentioned they are not known].

Various copies and colour printout of whole publication Die Kunstzeitschrift April 1983. [Annotated by Flanagan on the back].

Reviews and Listings:
Barry Flanagan, Royal Hiberninan Academy, Dublin (1995).
Eamonn Holmes, Irish Press, 13 Feb 1995.
Bruce Arnold, Irish Independent, 28 February 2001.

Of the Human Form, Waddington Galleries, 1995.
Tim Hilton, Independent on Sunday, 8 December 1995.

Barry Flanagan – Seeing Round Corners, Waddington Galleries, (2001)
Artist and Illustrator, February 2001.
Elpeth Moncrieff, Art Newspaper, No III, February 2001.
Art Review, February 2001.
The London Magazine, February 2001.
Antiques and Collectables, February 2001,
Epicurean Life Bi-Monthly, December – January 2001, Volume IV.
BBC, Homes and Antiques, Dates for your Diary, March 2001.
Evening Standard, 20 February 2001.
‘Arts diary’, The Magazine of the CGA, February 2001.
Antiques Trade Gazette 3 March 2001.
John McEwen, Sunday Telegraph, 25 February 2001.
Frank Whitford, The Sunday Times Culture Section, 25 February 2001.

Features on Flanagan
John Mc Ewen, The Sunday Telegraph, 13 June 1993
Elaine Louie, The New York Times, 2 May 1999.
Van Onze Verslaggeefster, ‘Naakt, Naas of densend figuur’ c.2000.

Barry Flanagan: Sculpture, Paul Kasmin Gallery (2004);
Adrian Dannatt, The Art Newspaper, ‘A tradesman not an artist’, March 2004.

Barry Flanagan Sculptures, Paul Kasmin Gallery, (2007);
‘The Newyorker’, 2 April 2007.

Barry Flanagan: Sculpture, 1965 – 2005, Irish Museum of Modern (2006): Caroline Crawford, Evening Herald, 4 October 2006. Yvonne Moran, Daily Mail, 22 May 2006.

Barry Flanagan, Gallerie Lelong, Paris (2004):
Gallerie Lelong, El Mundo Ibiza Y Formentera, 8 February 2004.

Whole publications on other subjects:
The Construction and Building Management Journal, ‘Buildings, December 1981’, 1981. Western Morning News, 8 August 2002. Simon Clader, The Independent, 24 June 2006. Sunday Independent, 11 March 2007. The Guardian Review, 10 February 2007. ‘Style Supplement’, The Times, 28 May 2007.

Articles on others.
Review, ‘Anthology of Concretism’, edited by Eugene Wildman and ‘An Anthology of Concrete Poetry’, edited by Emmett Williams: Swallow Press c.1969. Raymond Gardner, ‘Beyond the word, Richard Gardner talks to Bob Cobbing about experiments in concrete poetry like the visual poem below’c. 1969. and ‘Carol Dix, ‘Readymix art’, c.1970.

David Hinkley, Daily News, 2 December 1986.
Article in Spanish; ‘Nijinsky la ultima criatura del prodigioso mago Lindsay Kemp y de su gran compania’. [Nijinsky ‘s last creature, Lindsay Kemp prodigious magician and his great company] c.1986.
Andrew Graham – Dixon, The Independent, 6 March 1990.
Tim Barless, Evening Standard, 15 May 1990.
Jonathan Stephenson, The Artist, c.1990.
Le Express, 9 August 1991 [cartoon of a hare leaping onto an anvil].
Tim Hilton, ‘Brought to book’, [c.1991 Financial Times, on John Latham].

Simon Tait, ‘Art bosses turn their skills to the art of fund raising’, 26 June 1991. Insel 5, Berlin – Ibiza on Raoul Hausmann c.1992.
C.B, ‘Raoul Hausmann Der Berliner, Nachlas, Faz 18 July 1992.

Norman Mailer, Independent Weekender, 3 September 1994.
Judith Mackrell, The Independent II, 11 March 1994.

Nathaniel Grey, The Sunday Telegraph, 7 May 2000 [annotated ‘Edward Church’ by Flanagan].

Dave Barry, International Herald Tribune, 22 – 23 November 1997.
Nicholas Fox Weber, International Herald Tribune, 22 – 23 November 1997. Bairbre Power, Evening Herald, 9 February 1999. Liam Fay, ‘Flogging a dead story’, c.1999. Gerry Mc Carthy, ‘Muths of the urban Cowboys’. Johny Murray Brown, Financial Times, 27 February 1999’. Fintan O Toole, The Independent Magazine 6 February 1999.

Syrie Johnson, ‘Mc Queen of Shades’, 20 May 2001. Ultima Hora, Ibiza, Author Marco Torres, 20 September 2001.

Jonathan Mandell, International Herald Tribune, 28 May 2002.
William Packer, The Spectator, 25 September 2004.
Catherine Foley, The Irish Times, 26 June 2004.
Carl O Brien, Active citizenship promoted by taskforce, [Irish times, c.2006].

Benedict Nightingale, The Times, 23 July 2006.
Add in the Irish Times Magazine for a retro radio/turntable, 2 September 2006. Victoria Lambert, Sunday Independent, 11 March 2007. Dalya Alberge, The Times, 2 May 2007. ‘You re the tops’, The Daily Mail, 24 May 2007 [about the Groucho Club]. Dominic Walsh, The Times, 28 May 2007. Andy McSmith, The Independent 28 May 2007. Lindsey Bareham, ‘Dinner chop – chop’, 28 May 2007.

Irwin Stelzer, ‘Can big rivals talk their way out of trouble?’ 28 May 2007. John Lawrence, Evening Herald, 4 July 2007.
John Chilton, Evening Standard, 5 July 2007. Sholto Byrnes, The Independent, 6 July 2007. Obituary, The Independent, 6 July 2007.
Rosie Millard, The Sunday Times, 8 July 2007.

Frank McDonald, ‘The Irish Times, 31 August 2007.
Aidan Dunne, The Irish Times 23 August 2007.
The Irish Times, Property Section, 23 August 2007.
Evening Herald, 31 August 2007.
Dan White, Evening Herald, 31 August 2007.
Aoife Anderson, ‘Evening Herald, 31 August 2007.
Prinout of sculptor Jeni Fairey’s website, 17 July 2007.

Mike Barnes, The Guardian, 25 April 2008. Article in Spanish about Goya [NA, NP c.2008]. Add for Glashütte original watch, in Spanish c.2008

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