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Sketch and notebook (March – May 1991), 1991
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Scope and Content

Sketches and notes in blue pen and pencil.

Sketch relating to Built like a tree, flows like a river (1980) on the cover of the notebook. Sketch of an elderly couple in an interior. Sketch of a man and boy. Morphological drawings likening treble and base clefs to an ear. Sketch design for a ‘musical chair’ – titled as such, and formed from base and treble clefs. Musings on the nature of art, design and science. Anamorphic drawings of hares and frogs and a sketch titled Dancing frog (21 April 1991). Morphological drawings of a female figure crouching over a small hare.

Notes of books on alchemy, astrology and magic. Drawing of an elephant. Concrete poetry. Musings on viewing culture. Sketches for designs/sculptural works using garments.
Notes for a speech to be given at Santa Eulalia, addressing the mayor and towns people on the occasion of the gifting of Field Day 1 (1989) to the town. Separate note book included in the back of the notebook containing a love letter to the city of Barcelona.

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