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Sketch and notebook (March – April 1980), 1980
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Drawings, sketches and notes in pencil and blue pen compiled while Barry Flanagan was at Leighton Road, London, UK.

Design for a badge with the inscription ‘Knight of London Wide 1980’. Illustrations and notes for measuring quantities of different foods, thoughts and musing on measurements relating to Untitled 770 grams (1980) and other such sculptures in the series. Pen drawings of gulls repeated on consecutive pages using carbon paper. Drawing related to Camdonian (1980). Sketch for sculpture never realised.
Postcard of St Winifred’s Church, Branscombe, UK, and notes to ‘Jackie’ regarding a booklet and a note to ‘Mr Charlton’ of Natwest Bank (22 April 1980). Personal notes. Note to ‘Max Gordon, an architect whom bought some of Flanagan’s work. (22 April 1980) and to the art historian and curator Rudi Fuchs.

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