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Sketch and notebook (September – October 1979), 1979

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Scope and Content

Drawings and notes in black pen, compiled while Barry Flanagan was at Leighton Road, London, UK.

Cover illustrations on labelling of the notebook referencing the artwork considered in the notebook. Frog, hare and tortoise morphological drawings, consecutively repeated. Colour and layout plan for Fog Hare print [used as the exhibition catalogue cover for Barry Flanagan : Sculpture in Stone 1973 – 1979, Waddington Galleries 1980]. Anthropomorphic drawings relating to untitled 1979, (1979) and a design for a print featuring the untitled 1979 figure. Morphological drawings relating to 2lb 6oz (1979) and neither fish nor fowl (1979). Portrait titled ‘Murphy’ (13 October 1979).
Notes on The Culture Gap: An Experience of Government and the Arts (1979) by Hugh Jenkin (19 October 1979). Open letter duplicated on consecutive pages using carbon paper, delving into issues on the ability to support ones-self and one’s family and The Tate Gallery’s accusations policy.

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