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Sketch and notebook (June – July 1978), 1978
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Notes and sketches in pencil and blue pen compiled while Barry Flanagan was at Leighton Road, London, UK.

Plans for artworks and compositional concerns. Sketches relating to light piece (1977), copper maquette ’78 (1978) Sculpture (for the city of Ghent) (1980) and VII 78 moon thatch (1978). Morphological drawings relating to VII 78 one dog (1978), Untitled ’78 (1978) and New metal piece (1978) with the note “Go back to this (later)”.
Note to ‘Dick and Betty (June 1978)’ regarding Rowford Process, a trade account established by Barry Flanagan in 1975. Note regarding Flanagan’s collaboration with Anthony Stokes and Andrew Lord. Note to ‘Mr Rae’ of Rae Engineering (24 June 1978) regarding the costing of, and specification for, a work in sheet metal, with related drawings.

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