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Sketch and notebook (September 1991 – July 1994), 1991-1994

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Scope and Content

Notes, poetry and sketches in black pen, made while Barry Flanagan was at Victoria Park Road, London, UK.

Musings on mortality. Notes on ‘the perspective of the voyeur in the thinking about things’ and references to Picasso. Morphological drawing relating to musical instruments and the human figure; one including a hare motif. Word plays. Waves and Spiral drawings. Whimsical sketches. Concrete poetry. A large number of poems, one titled ‘A prod and a prayer’ dated 21st December 91.
Morphological drawing of a hare redacted to a linear form relating to Handshakers (1995) and later linear hare sculptures. Thoughts on modeling and casting. Male nude figures and anamorphic drawings. Sketch of a hare looking through a magnifying glass. Plans for sculptures not made. Female figurative sketches.

Titled sketches including Sacrifice yr Sadness, ‘murder’ and Piccassoessk dated 14th September 1991.

Notes on Henry Mayfield and the Mayfield Foundation, Blank postcard of the Setagaya Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan. Copy of a letter to Pietrasanta Fine Arts Inc., New York, USA (1 July 1994),

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