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Press-cuttings scrapbooks, 1966-1977

3 volumes

Volumes compiled by Barry Flanagan containing press-cuttings and photocopies of press-cuttings from the national and international press and specialist publications which make reference to his work. The press-cuttings are arranged broadly chronologically and the majority are labelled with the publication title and date.


Press cuttings August 1974 – November 1977, 1974-1977

Date Range
1 volume
1 volume
Scope and Content

Red scrapbook of press cuttings

Soft Art, Camden Arts Centre (1974), reviews; Linda Talbot, William Packer, Nigel Gosling and Paul Overy.

Barry Flanagan Drawing 1966 -1974, Museum of Modern Art Oxford, (1974), features; Lynda Morris and Catherine Lampert., review; Tim Hilton.

Somethings Etruscan, Rowan Gallery, (1974), features; Fenella Crichton and William Feaver. Reviews; Michael Jon Ashworth, Linda Talbot, J.A.B, Michael Shepherd, Nigel Gosling, Paul Overy, James Burr, another from Art and Artists, [NA, Modern Art Oxford also mentioned].

British Sculpture and Objects, Kinsman-Morrison Gallery, (1975), feature; Fenella Crichton.

9è Biennale des Jeunes, Paris, (1975), features; Valentina Anker and Lucien Dallenbach another by Vivian Reed.

Irish News, 7 January 1974, ‘Arts Councils exchange paintings’, [NA].

Projects: Barry Flanagan, Museum of Modern Art, NYC, (1974), review; Caroline Tisdall.

Barry Flanagan: exhibition of small works, Bluecoat Gallery, (1974), review; Margo Ingham.

Jeremy Moon, Rowan Gallery, (1974), review; Marina Vaizey.

Critic’s Choice, Arthur Tooth & Sons, London, (1974), review; Barbara Wright, P.A. Rosenbloom, another from the, Jewish Chronicle, [NA].

British Sculptors – Attitudes to Drawing, Ceolfrith Gallery, Sunderland Arts Centre (1974), review; Northern Echo, [NA]

Aspects of Landscape in Post-War Art, Tate Gallery (1974), review; Edward Lucie-Smith.

Article; Cliff Hanley, ‘Putting art in the Organisation’, The Scottsman, 7 December 1974 [involvement in passing with A.P.G].

Objects, Hogarth Gallery, Sydney Australia, (1975), review; Sandra McGrath,
Ruth Faerber and W.E Pidgeon [with mention of MOMA NYC].

Publication extract, John A. Walker, Art Since Pop, pg.17, Thames and Hudson, London, 1975.

Media reports on Tate Gallery spending 1976; Colin Simpson, Michael Evans, Bernard Levin, Edward Lucie-Smith, Michael Evans, Rosemary Simmons and others from Arts Review and The Times [NA].

Arte Inglese Oggi: 1960-76, Palazzo Reale, Milan (1976), reviews; ‘Richard Cork and William Feaver. Letters to the Editor; Rory Mc Ewen, ‘Dr. Edward Lobury and Mr. Iain McGilchrist.

A Silver Jubilee Exhibition of Contemporary British Sculpture, Battersea Park, (1977), reviews; Mollie Baxter, Caroline Tisdall, another by the Morning Evening Telegraph, [NA].

1977 Hayward Annual, Hayward Gallery, (1977), reviews; Terence Maloon, John McEwen, Marina Vaizey, Paul Overy, John Spurling, ‘

Tolly Cobbold /Eastern Arts First National Exhibition, (1977), review; John McEwen,

Barry Flanagan: Sculpture 1966-1976, Arnolfini Gallery and Van Ab Museum, Netherlands (1977) ), reviews; Lynda Morris, Paul Overy and Nigel Gosling, feature; John Claves-Smith, ‘Barry Flanagan’, Art Monthly, November 1977.

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