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Press-cuttings scrapbooks, 1966-1977

3 volumes

Volumes compiled by Barry Flanagan containing press-cuttings and photocopies of press-cuttings from the national and international press and specialist publications which make reference to his work. The press-cuttings are arranged broadly chronologically and the majority are labelled with the publication title and date.


Press cuttings August 1966 – May 1972, 1966-1972

Date Range
1 volume
1 volume
Scope and Content

Red scrapbook of press cuttings 1966 – 1971.

Notes in Flanagan’s hand of Nigel Gosling, Gene Buro, Norbert Lynton, Charles Harrison and Norbert Lynton.

Reviews for Barry Flanagan Sculpture, Rowan Gallery, 1966, by Oswell Blakeston, Conroy Maddox, Paul Overy, Nigel Gosling, Edward Lucie-Smith, John Russell, David Thompson, The New York Herald Tribune and Studio International, October 1966.

5è Biennale des Jeunes, Paris, 1967 by Mario Amaya, Barry Flanagan Recent Sculpture, (1968), Norbert Lynton, Guy Brett, John Russell, Paul Overy, James Butt, Anthony Fawcett, Arthur Moyse the Daily Mirror, Studio International, May 1968, two by Oswall Blakeston and another from The Sunday Times, 31 March 1968.

6 At The Hayward, Hayward Gallery, 1969, Nigel Gosling, William Packer and Philip Oaks, [with mention of I.C.A and Land Art exhibitions].

Barry Flanagan: Recent work, Rowan Gallery, 1970, Norbert Lynton, Peter Fuller, Guy Brett, Pat Gilmore, Arts Review [c.1970] and Art & Antiques, [Rowan Gallery exhibition and 6 At The Hayward, 1969].

Film Show, Situation Gallery, London, 1971, Guy Brett.

Barry Flanagan Sculpture, Rowan Gallery 1971, J.S Lewinski, Nigel Gosling, Guy Brett, and review for Peter Stuyvesant, Sculpture in the City Project, 1972 by Stewart Mason.

Feature articles by Gene Baro for Art & Artist, September 1966, Studio International, September 1967 [Barry Flanagan Recent Sculpture, (1968)]. Articles by Charles Harrison, Studio International, May 1968 [Barry Flanagan Recent Sculpture, 1968] and Roland Brener and Charles Harrison in Studio International, January 1969 and October 1969 [reference to 5è Biennale des Jeunes, Paris]. Studio International, December 1969 [Barry Flanagan – New Work, Fischbach Gallery, 1969].

Articles with mention of the Peter Stuyvesant Foundation, Rowan and Waddington Galleries by Marjorie Bruce – Milne and The Christian Science Monitor, 15 April 1969. Article by Leonard Thiessen, Nebraska Sun, ‘Art in the Midlands’ [c.1969, on the occasion of Flanagan guest lecturing in the USA].

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