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Laundress Green sculpture, 1972

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Press-cuttings on the Laundress Green Scuplture (1972), 1972
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Cambridge Evening News, Letters to the Editor, Reports and Comment’s;

B.D, 2 April 1972 ‘Four Jolly Worms’, Jack Bowles, ‘Time will tell’, ‘Asking too much’, Mrs H. 2 April 1972.
‘Saboteurs try to burn down that city sculpture’, 21 April 1972.
‘Sculpture a danger to children – councilor’, 17 April 1972.
Rodney Tibbs, ‘Mangled or not, don’t spike the sculptors art’18 April 1972.
‘Dirty washing hung across sculpture’, 20 April 1972.
Anthony day, ‘Art in the open: sculptors cowed by nature’, 21 April 1972.
A.S Bythway, ‘A sculpture… and a PC cycling the wrong way’, 22 April 1972.
Eileen Bucley, 25 April 1972.
‘Lost flower bed’, H.Stutley, 26 April 1972.
‘Sculpture attacked – for the fourth time’, 26 April 1972.
‘Sculptures: city called childish’, 26 April 1972.

‘Statue hit again’, 1 May 1972 [No author].
Hugh Plommer, ‘Laundress Green’, 1 May 1972.
‘Now cigarette sculpture meets its match on Arbury’, 2 May 1972. [No author].
‘Artist won’t give in’, 2 May 1972, [No author].
‘Art – wreckers move on to Christ’s Piece’, 5 May 1972, [No author].
C.D Mayo, ‘That sculpture’, Letters to the editor, 8 May 1972.
‘Sculpture’s last pillar becomes a stump’, report, 8 May 1972, [No author].
‘City loses its controversial sculpture’, Letters to the editor, 10 May 1972.
‘Laundress Green sculpture gets marching orders’, 10 May 1972 [no author].
‘A Time to be ashamed’, 10 May 1972, [No author].
F.W. Dixon ‘Cambridge sculptures’, Letters to the editor, 12 May 1972.
B.M Shaffer, ‘The real Cambridge eyesore’, 13 May 1972.
Hugh Plommer, ‘Root cause’, 13 May 1972.
M. Saddington, ‘Tolerant people’, 15 May 1972.
Hugh Plommer, ‘That sculpture’, 29 May 1972.
B.D Thompson, ‘Beauty in the eye of the artist’, 30 May 1972.
Mary Buxton, ‘The sculpture again’, 30 May 1972.

Cambridge Evening News, Letters to the Editor, Reports and Comment’s with no date; Chris Slinn, ‘Freedom’, Nancy M.Matthews, ‘Modern sculpture postscript’.Michael Bibby, ‘Conflicting views on a city sculpture’, Irene Secombe, ‘The sad desecration of Laundress Green’ and A.J.M Stoneley, ‘Take it away’, Ben le Vay, ‘Laundress Green’, David Joseph, ‘Apology for the sculptor?’ also E.A.P Wheatcroft, R. Bonny, Lady Keynes, J.S. Grant, C.R.West and Rosemary Myers.

Two articles; Edward Lucie-Smith ‘Cult Figures’, The Sunday Times, 26 November 1972.

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