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Exhibition press reviews, 1988-2005

9 volumes, 3 folders

Files compiled by galleries and related institutions containing photocopies of press-cuttings on exhibitions, the majority of which feature the work of Barry Flanagan, from the national, local, and specialist press.


‘Barry Flanagan scuplture et dessin’ (December 2002), 1980-2003

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1 volume
1 volume
Scope and Content

Bound press book for Barry Flanagan, Sculpture et Dessin Musée D’Art Moderne et D’Art Contemporain, Nice (6 December 2002- 31 January 2003), and a letter from Gilbert Perlein, Director at MAMAC with six invitations to the private view.

Front cover and page one contain installation views, and photographs of Flanagan at the Private View. Following pages details of the Communiqué de presse and sponsors.

Supporting articles collected possibly as research:
‘Barry Flanangan’, In Pictura, no 9, Autumn 1996.
Olivier Cena, ‘Lapins farceurs’, Télérama, 9 February 1994.
‘Barry Flanagan’, Kunst in Europa, No. 68, June/August 1980.

French Press:
‘Exposition, Barry Flanagan sculpture et dessin’, Les Petites Affiches, 15-21 November 2002.
‘Expositions’, Nice Magazine, 20 December – 10 February 2003.
Viviane Le Ray, ‘Les Lièvres moqueurs de Barry Flanagan se rient des humains!’ Le Petit Niçois, 19 December 2002.
‘Les écoutes des petites affiches’, Les Petites Affiches, 13 – 19 December 2002.
L’Officiel des Loisirs, 11 December 2002.
Amélie Isquin, ‘ L’étrange univers de Mister Flanagan’, La Semaine des Spectacles, December 2002.
‘Nice’, Côte, December 2002.
‘Barry Flanagan au MAMAC’, Hello Nice, December 2002.
‘Barry Flanagan, Sculptures et dessins’, Le Petit Niçois, 5 – 11 December 2002.
‘Temps Libre’, La Tribune Côte d’Azure, 6 December 2002.
Georges Bertolino, ‘Barry Flanangan au MAMAC’, Nice-Matin, 7 December 2002.
Georges Bertolino, ‘Les Lièvres de Barry Flanagan’, Nice-Matin, 8 December 2002.
‘Nice, Barry Flanagan’, L’Officiel des Loisirs, 26 December 2002.
‘Urban chic et contemporain’, Monte-Carlo Surla Terre, Winter 2002-2003.
‘Flanagan au MAMAC de Nice’, La Strada, December-January 2003
‘Calendrier’, L’œil, January 2003.
‘Calendrier’, Art Press, January 2003.
D.S, ‘Barry Flanagan et ses lièvres’, Connaissance des Arts, January 2003.
‘Barry Flanagan, Sculptures Et Dessin’, Arstances, January 2003.
Laetitia Rossi, ‘Barry Flanagan Le MAMAC accueille un des représentants’, Com ‘L Art Magazine, January 2003.
Olivier Desgranges, ‘Virée à Nice’, La Gazette de Nîmes and La Gazette de Montpellier, 3-9 January 2003.
‘Modern and contemporary masters’, New Riviera Côte d’Azure, January 2003.
Geneviève Charras, ‘Barry Flanagan expose au MAMA à Nice’, Le poseur de lapins’, La Voix du Luxembourg, 6 January 2003.
Oliver Cena, Le lièvres et la chute de rein’, Télérama, 25-31 January 2003.
Andrea Genovese, ‘Le passioni di Flanagan? Lepri saltellanti e ballerini’, Corriere dela Serra, 27 January 2003.
Herve Gauville, ‘Flanagan dresseur de lièvres’, Libération, 28 January 2003.
Michel Nuridsany, ‘Barry Flanagan: lièvres à la royale’, Le Figaro, 31 January 2003.
‘Barry Flanagan, Exposition sculpture et dessin’, Dans l’ Air du Temps, January – February 2003.
‘Expositions’, Nice Magazine, February 2003.
Gilbert Perlein, ‘Barry Flanagan au MAMAC’, Proximité, February 2003.
Harry Kampianne, ‘Barry Flanangan, Sculpte un lièvre à la fois’, Arts Actualités Magazine, February 2003.
L’absurde en sculpture’, L’avenir, 8 Feburary 2003.
‘Références’, Coté Sud, Feburary – March 2003.
‘Les lièvres de Barry Flanagan’, Le Petit Léonard, March 2003.
Olivier Marro, ‘Barry Flanagan, lève un lièvre au Musée d’Art Moderne’, LMS News, March 2003.
‘Barry Flanagan sculpture et dessin’, Le Collectionneur Français, March 2003.
‘Barry Flanagan un surprenant’, Atmosphéres, March 2003.
Guillaume Morel, ‘Les lièvres bondissants de Flanagan’, L’œil, March 2003.
‘Mamc: Flanagan et ses lièvres de bronze’, Nice Riviera Magazine, March 2003.
Lillane Tibéri, ‘Ll voit des lièvres partout’, La Tribune Côte d’Azure, 11 March 2003.
La Tribune Côte d’Azure, 14 March 2003.
L.D, ‘Barry Flanagan, L’Express Mag, 20-26 March 2003.
City Magazine, Spring 2003.
‘Barry Flanagan, Et Ses Lievres, Connaissance des Arts, March-April 2003.
‘Manifestations & Beaux Livres’, Objectif Méditerranée, March-April 2003.
Corriere della Costa Azzurra, April 2003.
Richard Leydier, Barry Flanagan, Art Press, April 2003.
Laurent Boudier & Jen-Marie Del Moral, ‘Barry Flanagan, Court deux lièvres à la fois’, Figaro Madame, 17 May 2003.

Audio Visual Press [listed but not included]:
Reportage télévison France 3 Nice, 4 December 2002, 30 January 2003.
Reportage télévison France 3 Région, 11 January 2003
Announcements on local radio.

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