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Solo exhibitions file containing record heading pages, knowledge index reports ranging from 25 July 1987 to 13 March 1988 detailing solo exhibitions including some printed press and some original gallery material.

Record of exhibitions:

Large Leaping Hare (1982) at Victoria Plaza, London.
Features in file:
Lesley Greene, Art Monthly, April 1985.
‘Victoria: Set to Reign Again as Rents Retreat’, Chartered Surveyor Weekly, 9 May 1985.
Patrick Hannay, Architect’s Journal, 13 February 1985.
Gavin Simpson, Property Journal, March 1985.

Horses in Twentieth Century Art, Nicola Jacobs Gallery, London, UK, 26 Jun 1985 – 31 Aug 1985.
Reviews in file:
‘The London Week’, Where to Go, London, 26 June 1985. 1985.
John Russell Taylor, The Times, 2 July 1985.
‘Horses’, The Times, 22 June 1985.
‘Horses in Twentieth Century Art’, Art & Artists, August 1985.
‘Art on the Hoof’, Observer Magazine, 30 June 1985.

Beyond Appearances: Sculpture for the visually handicapped and sighted to share, Castle Museum (Nottingham), Nottingham, Milton Keynes Exhibition Gallery, Wolverhampton Art Gallery, Carmarthen Museum, Oriel Theatre, Clwyd and Cooper Gallery, Barnsley, UK including catalogue.
Review in file:
[NA]‘Carmarthen Museum’, World of Interiors, September 1985.

Questions about Sculpture, Bolton Art Gallery, 13 April 1985 – 11 May 1985.
Reviews in file:
Wes Wright, Bolton Evening News, 27 April 1985.

Second International Contemporary Art Fair, 17 – 20 January 1985, organised by Interbuild Exhibitions Ltd, grand Hall Olympia
Reviews in file:
David Briers, Artists Newsletter, January 1986.

Groups VII, Waddington Galleries, January – February 1985
Review in file:
Waldemar Januszcak, The Guardian, 19 January 1985.
William Feaver, The Observer, 20 January 1985.
Cover of Artists Newsletter, January 1986.

The British Art Show: Old Allegiances and New Directions 1979-1984
Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh Scotland, City of Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Mappin Art Gallery, Sheffield, Southampton Art Gallery. Including catalogue record and copy of, the essay by Marjorie Allthorpe-Guyton and photocopies of installation shots by Sean Hudson.

Original copy of the catalogue Sculptural Alternatives: Aspects of Photography and Sculpture in Britain 1965 to 1982, The Tate Gallery, London, UK, 2 July 1985 – 1 September 1985. Containing the essay by Jeremy Lewison, ‘Aspects of Photography and Sculpture in Britain 1965-82’ and a letter to Flanagan from Paul Moorhouse, Curator, Print Collection, Tate Gallery, 17 July 1985

Large Leaping Hare, (1982) at Sutton Manor Winchester, February 1985.
Review in file:
Elizabeth Scarth, Art & Artists, February 1985.

Large Leaping Hare, (1982) at NorthPark Center, Dallas, Texas, August – December 1985.
Reviews in file:
Chris Blackhurst, Business, November 1986.
Terence Mullaly, Daily Telegraph, 1985.

Masterpieces of the Avant Garde: Three Decades of Contemporary Art: The Sixties, Juda Rowan Gallery, 17 September – 19 October 1985 with Letter to Flanagan from Alex Gregory-Hood from the Juda Rowan Gallery, 11 June 1985 annotated by Flanagan and a draft for the press release. Photocopies from the catalogue and the essays there-in with:
Introduction by Alex Gregory-Hood.
Nobert Lynton, ‘Aspects of Modernism, radical art in Annely Juda exhibitions’.
Bryan Robertson, ‘The Sixties’,
Marina Vaizey, ‘The Seventies’.
Waldemar Januszczak, ‘The Eighties’.
Review in file:
‘Juda Rowan Gallery’, World of Interiors, September 1985.

The British Show, 19 Feb 1985 – 5 November 1985, Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth, Contemporary Art at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane, Royal Exhibition Hall, Melbourne and the National Art Gallery, Wellington, Australia with catalogue record with photocopy of the essay by Catherine Lampert, ‘Barry Flanagan’.
Letters to Flanagan from Brett Roger, Exhibitions Officer at the British Council, 29 January 1985 from Diana Eccles, Exhibition Assistant, The British Council to Flanagan, c.5 July 1985 and Brett Rodgers, Exhibitions Officer at the British Council, 25 March 1986.
Original poster for The British Show, and article by Victoria Lynn, ‘Six British Sculptors’.

Entre el Objeto y la Imagen. Escultura Británica Contemporánea, (Between Object and Image. Contemporary British Sculpture) Jan 1986 – 17 Jul 1986, Palacio de Velázquez, Madrid, Spain, 2, Fundacio Caixa de Pensiones, Barcelona, Spain and Museo de Bellas Artes, Bilbao, Spain with catalogue record.
Interview recorded:
Gene Baro, ‘Sculpture made visible: Barry Flanangan in discussion with Gene Baro’, Studio International, October 1986.
Reviews recorded:
Lynne Cooke, Figura, 1986
Waldemar Januszczak, The Guardian, 26 February 1986.
Julie Lawsom, Art Monthly, October 1985.
Letter from Lewis Biggs, Exhibition Officer, The British Council, to Flanagan 25 March 1986.

Information pack for artists from Tate Gallery Liverpool May 1988 – March 1989 to coincide with the opening of the museum including details on Starlit Waters: British Sculpture, An International Art 1968-1988, Tate Liverpool, Liverpool, UK, 28 May 1988 – 4 Sep 1988. [Press releases for the exhibitions on in the various different Tate Liverpool Venues including a performance by Bruce McLean and David Ward The Invention of Tradition, 24-26 May. Flanagan listed in the Starlit Waters press release along with a list of staff, and their biographies].

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