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Group exhibitions file containing record heading pages, knowledge index reports 12 – 16 February and 12 March 1988 detailing group exhibitions including some printed press and original gallery material.

Record of exhibitions:
British Art in the Twentieth Century: The Modern Movement, Royal Academy of Art, London, 15 January 1987 – 5 April 1987 and Staatsgalerie, Stuttgart, West Germany, 9 May – 9 August 1987 with catalogue, essay and reviews record.
Letter to Flanagan from Roger de Grey, President of the Royal Academy of Arts, London, 3 June 1987 and a Private View Invitation card.
Reviews in File:
‘Arts: New Traditions in the Old Country’ The Economist, Issue 7484.
Marina Vaizey, Sunday Times, 18 January 1987.
William Feaver, Observer, 18 January 1987.
Bryan Robertson, Financial Times, 26 February 1987.
Giles Auty, Spectator, 24 January 1987.

Current Affairs: British Painting and Sculpture in the 1980’s, 1987, Museum of Modern Art (Oxford),1987, travelling exhibition to Budapest, Prague, Warsaw with catalogue and reviews recorded.
Private view card for the Oxford and Warsaw iteration of the exhibition
Letter to Flanagan from David Elliot, Director The Museum of Modern Art Oxford, 19 December 1987 and 3 April 1986. Another from Henry Meyric Hughes, Director of the Fine Arts Department at the British Council 8 February 1988.
Reviews in file:
Robert Hughes, Time, 6 April 1987.
Alistair Hicks, The Spectator, 21 March 1987,
Jane Norrie, Arts Review, 13 March 1987.
Marina Vaizey, Sunday Times, 22 March 1987.
‘Exhibition in Zacheta’, Express Wieczorny, 16 September 1987.
‘After Paris – London in Zacheta’, Kurier Polski , No 178, 14 September 1987.
‘On the visit of the Speaker if the House of Commons’, Rzeczpospolita, Warsaw, No.216, 16 September 1987.
‘Opening of British Art Exhibition in Zachęta’, Trybuna Ludu, No. 216, 16 September 1987.
‘London once but well’, Sztandar Młodych, No. 282, 16 September 1987.
‘London once but well’, Sztandar Młodych, No. 282, 16 September 1987.
‘After Paris – London Zacheta’, Kurier Polski, No. 178, 14 September 1987.
Magyar Hírlap, 24 April 1987,
László Tripolszky, Népszabadság, 22 April 1987.
Esti Hírlap, 22 April 1987.
‘Good Morning’, Radio Kossuth, 23 April 1987.

L’epoque, la mode, la morale, la passion: Aspects d’art d’aujourd’hui 1977-1987, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France, 21 May 1987 – 17 August 1987 with catalogue and reviews recorded. Private view card and events program. Letter from Dominique Bozo, Centre Georges Pompidou to Flanagan.

Reviews in file.
Deke Dusinberre, Art Monthly, September 1987.

A Century of Modern Sculpture: The Patsy and Raymond Nasher Collection, Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas, US, 5 Apr 1987 – 31 May 1987 with catalogue and review record.
Reviews in file:
Joan Taylor-Chatfield, Architectural Digest, 10, October 1987.

Century 87: Today’s Art Face to Face with Amsterdam’s Past, Beghijnhof Square, Amsterdam, Holland, 7 Aug 1987 – 14 Sep 1987. Exhibition shown in 30 locations in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 7 August – 14 September 1987, with catalogue and reviews recorded. Private view containing a Flexidisc of the Peter Baren audio and light performance Here Gathers Nameless Energy, 1987, press listing, press release and exhibition information.
Reviews in file:
Michael Gibbs, Art Monthly, October 1987.
‘Century 87 in Amsterdam, Kunst van nu Zorgt voor Verrassingen in Culturele ‘Hoofdstad’, Nieuws van de Dag, 7 August 1987.
‘Claus in Hortus’, Nieuws van de Dag, 8 August 1987.
‘Dan in Golden staat’, Trouw, 20 August 1987.
Rob Schoonen, Dagblad Kennemerland’, 13 August 1987.
Gerard Lakke, Bijvoorbeeld, 8 August 1987.
Paul Steenhuis, Vrij Nederland, 15 August 1987.
Thea Figee, Utrechts Nieuwsblad, 14 August 1987.
Koos Dalstra, HP, 29 August 1987.
‘Century 87: Culturele Vakantie in Eigen Stad’, Zaterdag, 22 August 1987.
Cathérine van Houts, Parool, 7 March 1987.
Henk Egbers, De Stem, [No date].
Betty van Garrel, NRC Handelsblad, 7 August 1987.
Erik van Zwam, Brabants Dagblad, 15 August 1987.
Paul Depondt, Volkskrant, 20 July 1987.
‘Century 87 Besmet het Hart van Amsterdam’, Waarheid, [No date].
‘Toch een Blauwe Rivier Door Hortus’, Parool, 17 April 1987.
Catherine van Houts, Parool, 7 April 1987.
Erik van den Berg, Volksrant, 10 April 1987.
Lieven van den Abeele, De Standaaed, 18 July 1987.
‘Ik zou aan een Overdosis Zangerers Zonder Naam kunnen sterven’, Elsevier, August 1987.
Anita Löwenhardt, Trouw, 6 August 1987.
Thee Figee, Trouw, 6 August 1987.
Leena Maunula, Kulttuuri, 29 August 1987.
P. Klijnsma, Nieuwe N. Holl.Krant, 28 August 1987.
Menno Schenke, Algemeen Dagblad, 6 August 1987.
Catherine van Houts, Parool, 5 August 1987.
Thea Figee, Trouw, 25 August 1987.
‘Silverline Kunstwerk van Rhonda Zwillinger in Amsterdam’, Biji, September 1987.
Jhim Lamoree, De Haagse Post, 13 August 1987.
‘Ingrepen in Historisch Amsterdam’, Enkhuizer Courant, 5 August 1987.
Rob Schoonen, Arnhemse Courant, 10 August 1987.
Betty van Gerrel, NRC Handelsblad, 13 July 1987.
Haagsche Courant, 18 August 1987.
Jan Zumbrink, Haarlems Dagblad, [No date].
Paul Steenhuis, Jaargang 48, 27 June 1987
Paul Depondt, Volkskrant, 7 August 1997.

The Vessel, Serpentine Gallery, London, UK, 5 September 1987 – 11 October 1987 with reviews recorded. Letter from Tony [Stokes] to Flanagan 19 May 1987 and a private view card.
Reviews in file:
Maggie Turner, Artists Newsletter, April 1988.
Tanya Harrod, The Spectator, 3 October 1987.
William Packer, The Financial Times, 15 September.

A Quiet Revolution: British Sculpture Since 1965, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, 1987,travelling exhibition to San Francisco Museum of Modern Art,
Newport Harbor Art Museum, Newport Beach, California, Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington and the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, New York, with catalogue, essays and reviews recorded. Exhibition information with artist biographies and a poster advertising talks, exhibition information with artist biographies and members Private View invite.
Reviews in file:
Judd Tully, Smithsonian Magazine, November 1987.
Alan G. Artner, Chicago Tribune, 15 February 1987.
Art Wire, Vol 2 No 2, Fall 1985.
Margaret Carroll, Chicago Tribune, 4 February 1987.
Sandra Conn, Crain’s Chicago Business, 23 February 1987.
Mary Cameron Frey, Chicago Sunday Times, 15 February 1987.
Gilbert Jimenez, Chicago Tribune, 23 January 1987.
Record and transcript of public radio WBEZ-FM, broadcast of a review by Victoria Lautman, 24 January 1987.
Victoria Lautman, ‘British Sculptors Stage a Quiet Revolution’, USA Today, 26 January 1987.
Sue Taylor, Chicago Sunday Times, 12 February 1987.

Fifty Years of Collecting, Solomon R Guggenheim Museum, New York, USA, 13 November 1987 – 13 March 1988 with catalogue record.
Private View card and a letter from Thomas Messer, Director of the Guggenheim Museum to Flanagan, 10 September 1987.

The Self Portrait: A Modern View, 1987 – 1988, touring exhibition to Artsite Gallery, Durham Museum and Art Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent City Museum and Art Gallery, Collins Gallery, Strathclyde University, Hatton Gallery, Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Graves Art Gallery, Fischer Fine Art, Mostyn Art Gallery with catalogue and reviews recorded. Private view card, and copy of the exhibition information leaflet with Edward Lucie-Smith essay, The Self Portrait: A Modern View, 1987.

Reviews in file:
Henrietta Howard, House & Garden, September 1987.
Marina Vaizey, The Sunday Times, 4 October 1987.
William Feaver, Observer, Sunday, 25 September 1988.

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