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Sketch and notebook (January 1998 – July 1999), 1998-1999

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Scope and Content

Notes and sketches in pencil, blue and black pen.

Note on Storming Heaven: LSD and the American Dream (1998) by Jay Stevens. Notes on Seamus Heaney’s translations of The Names of the Hare from Middle English. Morphological drawings of hares on 3 sided shapes. Layout and dimensions of works.
Musings on Flanagan’s time at St Martins, whilst “moonlighting as a dish washer”
Notes of influence and biography with mention of, [among other prominent figures of British 1960’s culture] Tony Caro, Alistir Cook [reporter], Philip King [sculptor] Richard Shone [art critic] and Tom McGrath [poet and playwright]. Whimsical sketch of a hare sketching a woman, with a computer in the background. Note on proposal for work for the Phoenix Park, Dublin, Ireland.

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