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Postcards, c.1980-2007

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Barry Flanagan’s postcard collection.


Postcard collection, c.1980-2000

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1 folder
Scope and Content

Postcards from the UK, Europe and China.

Depiction’s of the work of Francis Picabia, Paul Klee, William Blake, from the Tate Gallery and Henri Matisse from Centre Georges Pompidou Paris. Five from the British Museum of various historic statues and paintings, of an Nigerian sculpture – printed in Paris and four from Westminster Abbey of shrines and statues. Milanese Armour from the Glasgow Art Gallery and Museum, eleven of ferries from Friends of the Ferries and Mersey Ferries Liverpool.
Five depicting the Guggenheim Bilbao. Various cards from China; thirty- four of deities, shrines and relics, forty historical bronze objects, thirty-four historical ceramic objects, eleven from the Seven Star Cavern and ten of Chinese children enacting traditional Chinese sports.

In Mandarin, English, French and Spanish.

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