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Works on paper, 1971-1997

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Files on the drawings, etchings, lino and wood cuts of Barry Flanagan compiled retrospectively in the late 1980s and then added to until 1992. Records for works include sheets of typescript information from the Tate Gallery, London, UK and Waddington Galleries, London catalogues giving title, date, editions, status, provenance, dimensions, medium, a photograph, photocopies of photographs, installation shots, where it was exhibited and where it is referenced in publications, gallery numbers, gallery computer systems numbers and related papers.


Linocut/Woodcut, 1976-1997

Date Range
1 folder
1 folder
Scope and Content

Artwork records, photographs and notes

Records of work arranged alphabetically and including captions explaining and describing the artworks published on the Tate Gallery website based on conversations with Sue Flanagan, Barry Flanagan’s wife, Deborah Loth, assistant to Flanagan and Colin Dyer, annotations and the Tate Gallery photographs of works.

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