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Postcards, c.1980-2007

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Barry Flanagan’s postcard collection.


Postcards of Barry Flanagan’s work, c.1980-1995

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Postcards and cards showing the work of Barry Flanagan including lino-cuts, drawings, bronzes and public art, with duplicates. In English and Japanese.

Three portrait and two landscape cards featuring Atlantic Mood (1977) and two of a nose in repose (1977) printed by Tate Gallery. Bronze Horse (1983) for Sculpture in the Close, Jesus College Cambridge, Hospitality (1990) installed in Hotel Kawakyu Japan and eight further postcards with interior and exterior shots of the hotel, another with Hospitality printed by Jeu de Paume, Gallery for Un Siécle de Sculpture Anglaise (1996). Heap 4 (1967), Forest at Migliarino (1974), leaping hare, embellished (1980), Ball and Claw (1981), seven cards with Cricketer (1981), also featuring on seven cards for Skulpturen, Gallery Hans Mayor (1997) installed with Les Deux, (1997), Large Boxing Hare on Anvil (1984), Gendrd I / Gendrd II (1994), Record (1994), Juggler (1994), Thinker on Rock, (1996) and Large Monument (1996). Hare and Helmet (1989).

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