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Installation shots, 1979-2009

37 folders, 3 volumes, 6 PDF files: 1.19 GB (2 CDs)

Includes photographs of public art and of the installation process with related papers. Files are arranged chronologically.

Related installation shots can be found under Portraits at JBF/3/2.1, under Trips, events and occasions JBF/3/9, under Work at JBF/3/5/1.1-2 and under Various subjects at JBF/3/11/1.1-6.

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Thinker on Rock, 1997, 2008-2009
Date Range
2 folders, PDF: 1208.32 MB (1 CD)
2 folders, PDF: 1208.32 MB (1 CD)
Scope and Content

Large colour photographs and digital photographs

Images of Thinker on Rock, (1997) installed in Utrecht, the Netherlands, with six black and white printed images of tree, dog and butterfly, possibly for work.

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