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File three, 1983-1985
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Exhibitions file containing record heading pages, knowledge index reports 4 February – 28 March 1988 detailing solo and group exhibitions, including some printed press and original gallery material.

Record of solo exhibitions:

Barry Flanagan, Stone and Bronze Sculptures, British Pavilion, Venice Biennale, 13 June 1982 – 12 September 1982. Travelling to Museum Haus Esters, Krefeld, Germany, 10 October – 12 December 1982, Whitechapel Art Gallery, 7 January – 20 February 1983.
Record of poster image by David Ward, design by Tim Harvey and catalogue, with essays by Tim Hilton and Michael Compton, chronology compiled by Alexandra Pringle. Record of the leaflet for the Whitechapel, iteration with the transcript of Lynne Cooke’s, ‘Interview with Barry Flanagan, January 1982, for the Whitechapels lunchtime lecture series.

Record of reviews:
James Burr, Apollo, January 1983.
Mel Godding, Arts Review, 21 January 1983.
John Spurling, New Statesman, February 1983.
William Feaver, Art News, April 1983.
Sarah Kent, Flash Art, May 1983.
Reviews in file:
Terence Mullaly, The Daily Telegraph, 29 January 1983.
S.D.L, ‘Good Evening, here is the Culture’, 24 January 1983.
Dennis Hackett, The Times, 24 January 1983.
Jimmy Tarbuck, ‘10.25, The South Bank Show’, 23 January [1983].
Expert ‘48, Barry Flanagan b. 1941, Cricketer 1981’, from an interview with Judith Bumpus, Barry Flanagan at the Whitechapel Art Gallery, 1983.
Lynne Cooke, Art in America, March 1983.
William Feaver, The Observer, 09 January 1983.
Michael Billam, Artscribe, February 1983.
Advertisement, Art [Monthly], December/January 1983, Barry Flanagan Stone Sculpture, 6 January 1983 – 29 January 1983, Waddington Galleries, London.
Letter to Monica Flanagan 15 March 1983 from Nicholas Serota [then director of the Whitechapel Art Gallery] expressing gratitude for her support in the exhibition.

Barry Flanagan Sculpture 1963-1983, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, 16 Mar 1983 – 9 May 1983 with record of exhibition catalogue with essay by Catherine Lampert, translated by Catherine Ferbos and Bernard Blistène, chronology compiled by Alexandra Pringle.
Reviews Recorded:
Maiten Bouisset, Goya, July – October 1983.
Geneviève Breerette, ‘Sculptures a Beaubourg et a Bordeaux: Retour aux sources’, 1983.
Brigitte Conrand, Flash Art, Summer 1983.
Lynne Cooke, Burlington Magazine, July 1983.
Catherine Francblin, Art Press, March 1983.
Reviews in File:
‘Flanagan Retrospective in Paris’, Art, [Monthly], April 1983.
Catherine Francblin, Art Press, March 1983.
Photocopy of list of works compiled by Flanagan’s assistant titled ‘Flanagan Returns’, detailing the movement of artworks to various addresses in the UK, 23 May [c.1983].

Barry Flanagan, Prints and Drawings. Organised by the British Council as Barry Flanagan: Stampe e desegni, Centro d’Arte Contemporanea, Syracuse Italy, 1983; Certosa di San Giacomo, Capri, Italy, 1983; Milan, Italy 1983. As Barry Flanagan: Dessins et gravures. Musée savoisien, Chambéry, France, 5 August – 5 September 1983. As Barry Flanagan: Grafiek en tekeningen, Musea het Catharina Gasthuis, Stedelijke Musea Gouda, Gouda, The Netherlands, September – 24 October 1983. Record of the exhibition catalogue with contributions by Catherine Lampert.
Record of Reviews:
Cees Straus, Trouw, 8 October 1983.
Janneke Wesseling, NRC Handelsblad, 30 September 1983.
Reviews in file:
‘Barry Flanagan: Grafiek en tekeningen, Museum het Catharina Gasthuis’, Haagsche Courant, 1983.
Waldemar Januszczak, The Guardian, 17 August 1983.
‘Barry Flanagan: Grafiek en tekeningen, Museum het Catharina Gasthuis’, Kunstbeeld, October 1983,
Letter to Flanagan from Hans Vogels, curator Stedekijke Musea Gouda, 28th November 1983.

New Art at the Tate Gallery, 14 September 1983 – 23 October 1983, The Tate Gallery, London, UK, organised by Michael Compton with record of the exhibition catalogue.
Reviews in file:
Chrissie Iles and Kathy Deepwell, Art Monthly, November 1983.
Stuart Morgan, Artscribe, October 1983.

Barry Flanagan, Recent Sculpture, The Pace Gallery, 28 October – 26 November 1983 with record of the catalogue with essay by Michael Compton.
Reviews recorded:
Lisa Nichol Peters, Arts Magazine, January 1984.
Jean Silverthorne, Artforum International, March 1984.
Reviews in file:
Silverthorne, Artforum International, March 1984.
Lisa Peters, Arts Magazine, January 1984.

Barry Flanagan Etchings and Linocuts, 2 May 1984 – 26 May 1984, Nishimara Gallery, Toyko, Japan and Waddington Galleries, London, UK with catalogue recorded with untitled essay by David Brown.
Reviews listed:
G. Burn, ‘Prints’, Art Review, 25 May 1984.

Six postcards from Barry Flanagan Etchings and Linocuts, 2 May – 26 May 1984, Nishimara Gallery, Toyko, Japan.

Barry Flanagan: New Sculpture, Richard Gray Gallery, Chicago, 1 February 1985 – 31 March 1985.
Record of reviews:
‘Barry Flanagan, Richard Gray Gallery, Chicago’, Artforum, Summer 1985.
Reviews in file:
Alan G Artner, Chicago Tribune, 15 February 1985.

Barry Flanagan, Waddington Galleries, 31 May 1985 – 22 June 1985, London, UK, with record of the exhibition catalogue.
Reviews listed:
[NA],‘Selected’, The Times, 8 June 1985
Reviews in file:
Waddington Gallery complement slip attached to Waldemar Januszczak, The Guardian, 5 June 1985.
Terence Mullaly, The Daily Telegraph, 18 June 1985.
‘Selected’, The Times, 8 June 1985.
Sarah Kent, ‘Barry Flanagan’, Time Out, 6 June 1985.
William Packer, The Financial Times, 11 June 1985.
William Feaver, The Observer, 9 June 1985.
Cover of Art Monthly, June 1985.

Galerie Karsten Greve, Cologne, Germany. 1984.

Record of Group Exhibitions:

Peter Moore’s Liverpool Project 7: As of Now, Organised by William Feaver, The Walker Art Centre, 24 November 1983 – 19 February 1984.
Record of Reviews:
‘Liverpool, Walker Arts Centre’, Burlington Magazine, November 1983.
Reviews in file:
Compliment slip from Sarah Shott at Waddington Galleries attached to Jean Susan Thomas & William Feaver, The Times Educational Supplement, London, 27 April 1984.

Groups VII, Waddington Galleries, London, 5 January – 28 January 1984, with record of the exhibition catalogue.
Reviews in file:
‘Galleries Briefing’, The Guardian, 11 January 1984.
Terence Mullaly, Daily Telegraph, 13 January 1984.

An International Survey of Recent Painting and Sculpture, 17 May – 19 August 1984, Museum of Modern Art, New York, organised by Kynaston McShine with record of the exhibition the catalogue.
Reviews in file:
Michael Brenson, The New York Times, 21 April 1984.

International Garden Festival, Liverpool, Summer, 1984.
Reviews in file:
‘News: Liverpool International Garden Festival’, Artists Newsletter, June 1984.
William Feaver, The Observer, 6 May 1984.
International Garden Festival Map, annotated by Flanagan ‘Alistair Warman and Sue Grayson’.

Record of Transcript of interview with Barry Flanagan and Lynne Cooke, 1983 for 1965-1972 – when attitudes became form, Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge, 14 July – 2 September 1984. Travelling to Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, 6 October – 17 November 1984. Record of the exhibition catalogue with introduction by Hilary Gresty and texts by Charles Harrison and Victor Burgin.

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