Starlit Waters: British Sculpture, An International Art 1968-1988

Lindsell, RI; Bowness, Alan; Francis, Richard; Lewis Biggs and others
Date: 1988,
Publisher: Tate Publishing

Published to coincide with the exhibition 28 May 1988 – 4 September 1988.

Francis, Richard (Curator, The Gallery Liverpool) and Biggs, Lewis (Curator of exhibitions and displays, The Tate Gallery Liverpool), Introduction, pp. 6-7; Kunz, Martin, ‘The British avant garde of the sixties and seventies, witnessed on location in 1970 and 1980’, pp. 35-39; Harrison, Charles, ‘The suppression of the beholder, sculpture and the later sixties’, pp. 40-44; Cooke, Lynne, ‘Re-definition: The ‘new British sculpture’ of the eighties’, pp. 45-49.

Language: English
ISBN: 0946590931
Pages: 68
Dimensions: 31x24cm
Library Reference: 1988 STA
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