Masterpieces of the Avantgarde: Three Decades of Contemporary Art: The Sixties

Robertson, Bryan; Vaizey,Marina and Waldermar Januszczak
Date: 1985,
Publisher: Annely Juda Fine Art/Juda Rowan Gallery, London

Juda, Annely and Gregory-Hood, Introduction, p. 3
Lynton, Norbert, ‘Aspects of Modernism: radical art in Annely Juda Fine Art exhibitions’, p. 93-112
Robertson, Bryan, ‘The Sixties’, pp. 179-190
Vaizey, Marina, ‘The Seventies’, pp. 237-246
Januszczak, Waldemar, ‘The Eighties’, pp. 287-294

Language: English
ISBN: 0950412171
Pages: 319
Dimensions: 23.5x17.7cm
Library Reference: 1985 MAS
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