British Sculpture in the Twentieth Century, Part II: Symbol and Imagination

Nairne, Sandy and Nicholas Serota (eds.)
Date: 1981,
Publisher: Trustees of the Whitechapel Gallery, London

Nairne, Sandy and Serota, Nicholas, Foreword, p. 7
Farr, Denis, ‘The Patronage and Support of Sculptors’, pp. 9-37
Read, Ben, ‘Classical and Decorative Sculpture’, pp. 39-47
Beckett, Jane, ‘Cubism and Sculpture in England before the First World War ‘, pp. 49-61
Francis, Richard, ‘War Memorials’, pp. 63-71
Glaves-Smith, John, ‘The Primitive, Objectivity and Modernity: some issues in British Sculpture in the 1920s’, pp. 72-81
Shone, Richard, ‘Painting and Sculpture in the 1920s’, pp. 83-89
Cork, Richard, ‘Overhead Sculpture for the Underground Railway’, pp. 91-101
Harrison, Charles, ‘Sculpture and the New ‘New Movement’, pp. 103-111
Gruetzner, Anna, ‘The Surrealist Object and Surrealist Sculpture’, pp. 113-123
Glaves-Smith, John, ‘Sculpture in the 1940s and 1950s: the Form and the Language’, pp. 125-133
Calvocoressi, Richard, ‘Public Sculpture in the 1950s’, pp. 135-153
Grieve, Alastair, ‘Constructivism after the Second World War’, pp. 155-165
Cooke, Lynne, ‘New Abstract Sculpture and its Sources’, pp. 167-183
Hyman, Timothy, ‘Figurative Sculpture since 1960’, pp. 184-195
Morgan, Stuart, ‘A Rhetoric of Silence: Redefinitions of Sculpture in the 1960s and the 1970s’, pp. 197-207
Predeville, Brenden, ‘Constructed Sculpture’, pp. 209-221
Crichton, Fenella, ‘Symbolism Presences and Poetry’, pp. 223-235

Language: English
ISBN: 0854880542
Pages: 263
Dimensions: 27x21cm
Library Reference: 1981 BRI
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