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Other photographs of work, c.1976-2009

25 folders, 2 PDF files: 108.7 MB

Includes photographs and slides of ceramics, drawings, stone work, small bronzes, compositions and writings. Files are arranged chronologically.


Stone and bronzework, with related papers, c.2000-2003

Date Range
1 folder
1 folder
Scope and Content

Black and white and colour photographs

Images of bronze and stone work including an installation shot of Untitled (carving no. 2/81), 1981 in garden space, of social event at ‘Mary’s’ house in Ibiza, Spain (29 December 2002), of a burnt out fire, possibly for work, with a published theatre program booklet from Chicago, USA with image of Barry Flanagan’s work on display on the front cover and covering note from Paul Gray (17 August 2000).

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