The Whitechapel Art Gallery Centenary Review

Lampert, Catherine and Andrea Tarsia
Date: 2001,
Publisher: Whitechapel Art Gallery, London, Manchester, London

Lampert, Catherine, ‘Finding our Territory’, pp. 7-8
Lichtenstein, Rachel and Dein, Alan, ‘The University of the Ghetto: Stories of the Whitechapel Library’, pp. 9-11
Newman, Jon, ‘The Whitechapel Archive: History or Aide-Mémoire?’, pp. 12-17
Haythornthwaite, Janeen, ‘Roller-Coasters and Helter Skelters, Missionaries and Philanthropists. A History of Patronage and Funding at the Whitechapel Art Gallery’, pp. 18-22
Widgery, David, ‘Ripe Bananas and Stolen Bicycles’, pp. 28-29
Steyn, Juliet, ‘From Masculinity to Androgyny: the Whitechapel Art Gallery’, pp. 30-31
Livingstone, Marco, ‘Reshaping the Whitechapel Installations from Tomorrow to Today’, pp. 32-36
Lunn, Felicity, ‘The Whitechapel Open’, pp. 37-39
Bonaventura, Paul, ‘Recent Art History at the Whitechapel Art Gallery’, pp. 40-42
Morris, Lynda and Radford, Robert, ‘Association of Artists (AIA) at the Whitechapel Art Gallery, 1939’, pp. 62-63
Jones, Jonathan, ‘John Berger and Looking Forward’, pp. 64-66
Millar, Jeremy, ‘This was Tomorrow’, pp. 65-70
Taylor, Brandon, ‘The Rauschenberg Retrospective in 1964’, pp. 69-75
Brett, Guy, ‘Hélio Oiticia’s ‘Whitechapel Experiment’, pp. 76-78
Francis, Mark, ‘Frida Kahlo and Tina Modotti’, pp. 79-81
Robertson, Bryan, ‘Supping with the Devil’, p. 82
Drew, Joanna, ‘The Women’s International Art Club’, p. 83
Phillpot, Clive, ‘Whitechapel Art Gallery. An Early Memory’, p. 83
Brill, Dorothée, ‘Rosemarie Trockel. The artist as collector’, pp. 84-87

Language: English
ISBN: 0854881263
Pages: 142
Dimensions: 32.8x24.5cm
Library Reference: WHI 2001
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