The British Avant-Garde

Karshan, Donald; Harrison, Charles; (ed.s)Atkinson, Terry; Baldwin, Michael; Dipper, Andrew and Victor Burgin
Date: 1971,
Publisher: Studio International, W. & J. Mackay Co Ltd

Harrison, Charles and Karshan, Donald, Studio International and Acknowledgements, p. ii
Karshan, Donald (Director of the New York Cultural Center), ‘Acquisition versus exhibition’, p. iv
Karshan, Donald, ‘The British Avant Garde’, p. iv
Harrison, Charles (Assistant Editor of Studio International), ‘Virgin soils and old land’, pp. 1-5
Atkinson, Terry and Baldwin, Michael, ‘De Legibus Naturae’, pp. 26-32
Dipper, Andrew, ‘Towards an understanding of the within’, p. 36
Burgin, Victor, ‘Rules of thumb’, pp. 37-39

Language: English
ISBN: n/a
Pages: 44
Dimensions: 30.7x24
Library Reference: 1971 AVA
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