The British Art Show. Old Allegiances and New Directions

Drew, Joanna; Thompson, Jon; Moffat, Alexander and Marjorie Allthorpe-Guyton
Date: 1984,
Publisher: Orbis, London

Drew, Joanna (Director of Art, Arts Council) and Bennett, Nicola (Exhibition Organiser, Arts Council), Preface, pp. 8-9
Thompson, Jon, ‘Reversing the Trans-Atlantic Drift’, pp. 10-15
Moffat, Alexander, ‘New Painting and Old Painting. A Precarious Spontaneity or an Outmoded Tradition?’, pp. 16-21
Allthorpe-Guyton, Marjorie, ‘Ministers of Misrule’, pp. 22-27
Moffat, Alexander, ‘Reinventing the Real World’, pp. 28-31
Allthorpe-Guyton, Marjorie, ‘Origins’, pp. 40-43
Thompson, Jon, ‘Critical Attitudes’, pp. 54-57
Allthorpe-Guyton, Marjorie, ‘Visual Poetry’, pp. 74-77
Thompson, Jon, ‘Signs of Language’, pp. 94-97
Thompson, Jon, ‘Presenting Reality’, pp. 108-111
Moffat, Alexander, ‘Retrieving the Image’, pp. 122-125

Language: English
ISBN: 0856137944
Pages: 143
Dimensions: 28.3x22cm
Library Reference: 1984 BRI
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