Englische Kunst im 20 Jahrhundert. Mealerei und Plastik

Compton, Susan (ed.)
Date: 1987,
Publisher: Prestel-Verlag, Munich & Royal Academy of Arts, London, Munich and London

de Grey, Roger, Foreword, p. 7
Gore, Frederick, Introduction, pp. 9-14
Causey, Andrew, ‘Formalism and the Figurative Tradition in British Painting’, pp. 15-30
Cork, Richard, ‘The Emancipation of Modern British Sculpture’, pp. 31-52
Harrison, Charles, ‘Critical Theories and the Practice of Art’, pp. 53-61
Cork, Richard, ‘Machine Age, Apocalypse and Pastoral’, pp. 63-72
Ades, Dawn, ‘Figure and Place: A Context for Five Post-War Artists’, pp. 73-81
Tisdall, Caroline, ‘Art Controversies of the Seventies’, pp. 83-88
Rosenblum, Robert, ‘British Twentieth-Century Art: A Translantic View’, pp. 89-98
Gore, Frederick and Collins, Judith, ‘Camden Town and Bloomsbury’, pp. 100-102
Cork, Richard, ‘The Cave of the Golden Calf’, p. 132
Cork, Richard, ‘The Vorticist Circle, Bomberg and the First World War’, pp. 138-141
Gore, Frederick, ‘The Resilient Figure: Mark Gertler and Matthew Smith’, p. 172
Cork, Richard, ‘The Resilient Figure: Dobson, Epstein and Gill’, p. 186
Causey, Andrew, ‘The Everyday and the Visionary’, pp. 196-197
Compton, Susan and Causey, Andrew, ‘Unit One-Towards Constructivism and Surrealism’, pp. 214-217
Cork, Richard, ‘Gwen John, Late Sickert and the Euston Road’, pp. 246-247
Causey, Andrew and Cork, Richard, ‘The Spirit of the Landscape and Late Bomberg’, pp. 260-261
Ades, Dawn, ‘Henry Moore, Sculpture and Drawings’, pp. 276-277
Causey, Andrew, ‘Fifties Abstraction’, pp. 290-291
Cork, Richard, ‘Aspects of Sculpture in the Fifties’, p. 300
Ades, Dawn, ‘The School of London’, pp. 308-311
Compton, Susan, ‘Pop Art – New Figuration’, pp. 340-344
Compton, Susan, ‘Anthony Caro and Sixties Abstraction’, pp. 356-357
Cork, Richard, ‘Breaking the Boundaries’, pp. 370-371
Rosenthal, Norman, ‘Three Painters of this Time: Hodgkin, Kitaj and Morley’, pp. 382-384
Cork, Richard, ‘The Seventies and After’, pp. 394-395

Language: English
ISBN: n/a
Pages: 457
Dimensions: 30x22.5cm
Library Reference: 1987 ENG
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