Boom Boom Cluster, David and Liza Brown Bequests

Craven, Tim and Richard Morphet
Date: 2004,
Publisher: Southampton City Art Gallery, Southampton

Craven, Tim, Foreword, pp. 5-8
Brunt, Martin, The Times Obituary for David Brown (11 May 2002), pp. 9-12
Morphet, Richard, ‘David Brown as a Collector’, pp. 13-36
‘David Brown in His Own Words: His Life; His Beginnings in Art; On Artists, Exhibitions & Friends’, pp. 93-123
Duncan, Ronnie, ‘Postscript: A Memoir’, pp. 125-131

Language: English
ISBN: 0901723355
Pages: 162
Dimensions: 24x17.5cm
Library Reference: 2004 BOO
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