Beyond Appearances. Sculpture for the visually handicapped and sighted to share

Drew, Joanna et al
Date: 1985,
Publisher: Arts Council of Great Britain, London

Drew, Joanna (Director of Art, Arts Council), Preface, p. iii
Butter, Michaela and Harrison, Michael, Acknowledgements, p. iv
Butter, Michaela, Introduction, pp. 1-2
From a Conversation with Anthony Gormley, p. 39
Hearn, Kirsten, ‘Towards a Non-Visual Culture’, pp. 41-45
Jones, Lewis, ‘Discovering Sculpture’, pp. 47-50
Butter, Michaela, ‘Beyond Appearances’, pp. 53-58
Smith, Sheila, ‘Art to Share’, pp. 59-60

Language: English
ISBN: 0728704536
Pages: 60
Dimensions: 29.5x21cm
Library Reference: 1985 BEY
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