Barry Flanagan Sculpture, British Pavilion, Venice Biennale 1982

Compton, Michael, Tim Hilton and Julian Andrews
Date: 1982,
Publisher: The British Council, London

Published to coincide with the Exhibition, Barry Flanagan Sculpture, Stone and Bronze Sculptures, British Pavilion, Venice Biennale, 1982

Acknowledgements, p. 4; Julian Andrews & Teresa Gleadowe, (Director of the Fine Arts Department, The British Council, London), Preface, p. 5; Tim, Hilton, ‘Less a Slave of Other People’s Thinking…’, pp. 7-14; Michael Compton, (member of the British Council’s Fine Arts Advisory Committee), ‘A Developing Practice’, pp. 17-28; Alexandra Pringle [compiled by], Chronology, pp. 78-93; Selected Biography, p. 94

Language: English
ISBN: 0 901618 78 0
Pages: 95
Dimensions: 27 x 22cm
Library Reference: 1982 VEN
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