A Century of Modern Sculpture. The Patsy and Raymond Nasher Collection

Nash, Steven (ed.)
Date: 1987,
Publisher: Rizzoli,
Article Pages: Carter Brown, J (Director, National Gallery of Art, Washington) and Parker, Harry S (Director, Dallas Museum of Art), Foreword, pp. 12-13 Frank, Elizabeth, 'Living with Art', pp. 15-37 Nash, Steven, 'Figures and Phantoms. Early Modern figurative Sculpture', pp. 39-71 Rosenthal, Nan, 'Sculpture in the Constructivist Tradition', pp. 7397 Rosenblum, Robert,'Between Apocalypses. Art After 1945', pp. 99-132

Published to coincide with the exhibition, touring Dallas Museum of Art, 5 April 1987 – 31 May 1987 to Washington DC, 28 June 1987 – 3 January 1988.

Language: English
ISBN: 0847808009
Pages: 209
Dimensions: 30.5x23cm
Library Reference: 1987 CEN
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