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Other Working drawings, c.1978-2001

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Loose sheets of sketches and drawings in pen and pencil, many of which are for work.

Other working drawings, c.1980-2001
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1 folder
1 folder
Scope and Content

Various notes, drawings and diagrams.

Tracing paper template with a bell jar with the light piece motif. Side elevation and plan drawing for sculptural components with dimensions on reverse. Scaled up drawing of morphological form, note with mention of Prometheus [the Greek myth] with dimensions on reverse. Drawings dated (05 February 2001) of circular forms with note to ‘Dave’ with mention of ‘the state’ [Irish State], ‘Sean’ the Möbius strip, the horseshoe and Johnstownbridge Stud [County Kildare, Ireland].

Plan drawings for sculpture of a morphological form [never realised]. Ensemblage of notes, ‘Centre de Sculpture’ stamps, drawings with the spiral, treble and base clef motif and various musings written over each other at different points in 1995. Morphological drawing for sculpture with a ‘gilded moon’ pen drawing of a wigwam structure with the spiral motif and a hare pushing a wheel (06 June 1996). Various drawings for sculptures with dolmen like structures with consideration of orientation reminiscent of untitled (carving no.1/84) 1984, annotated ‘I wont let you down Ted- you leave it to me.’ Sketches for sheet metal works reminiscent of VII 78 as night (1978), annotated ‘closeness or farness’ with dimensions on reverse. Drawing of five hares sitting at a table annotated ‘The Experts’ on A1 flip chart paper and photocopy of drawings and a stamp from ‘the Dubliner Pub.’

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