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Other stocklists and inventories, c.1986-2009

7 folders, 4 volumes, PDF & Filemaker pro: 310.5 MB (1 folder, 1 CD)

Inventories and lists of works by Barry Flanagan and works owned by Flanagan. Barry Flanagan maintained his own personal art collection, in addition to a collection under the name of Rowford Process from 2006.

Floppy Disk Inventory, 1989
Date Range
1 file & 1 volume (1/2 & 2/2)
1 file & 1 volume (1/2 & 2/2)
Scope and Content

Paper inventory and floppy disks

Annotated lists of electronic files 11 July 1989, invoices, ‘Walmut Chronicles’, Typesetting format files, ‘Rowford Process Letterhead’, and records of work with TMS numbering systems. 9 floppy disks from this inventory including an additional 3 annotated by Flanagan, ‘The Diaries 1990 & 91’, ‘Back Up, The Diaries 1990 & 91’ and ‘Aug 98, Nokia Contacts.’. Piece of paper with Flanagan’s passwords to his phones in his own hand.

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