The Stage of Drawing: Gesture and Act: Selected from the Tate Collection

Serota, Nicholas; de Zegher, Catherine; Bonnefoy, Yves; Newman, Avis; Newman, Michael; Bryson, Norman and Jean Fisher
Date: 2003,
Publisher: Tate Publishing, The Drawing Center, London; New York
Article Pages: Serota, Nicholas (Director, Tate), Preface, pp. 7-8 de Zegher, Catherine, Acknowledgements, pp. 9-11 Bonnefoy, Yves, 'Overture: The Narrow Path Toward the Whole', pp. 31-33 Conversation: Avis Newman/Catherine de Zegher, pp. 67-81, 165-174, 231-237 Newman, Michael, 'The Marks, Traces, and Gestures of Drawing', pp. 93-108 Bryson, Norman, 'A Walk for a Walk's Sake', pp. 149-158 Fisher, Jean, 'On Drawing', pp. 217-226 de Zegher, Catherine, 'The Staging of Drawing', pp. 267-278

Published to coincide with the exhibition 5 April 2003 until 31 May 2003.

Language: English
ISBN: 1854374885
Pages: 283
Dimensions: 26x21.4cm
Library Reference: 2003 STA
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