The Moderns. The Arts in Ireland from the 1900s to the 1970s

Juncosa, Enrique and Kennedy, Christina (ed.)
Date: 2010,
Publisher: Irish Museum of Modern Art

Juncosa, Enrique, Foreword, pp. 4-7
O’Byrne, Robert, ‘Irish Modernism: The Early Decades’, pp. 8-22
Arnold, Bruce, ‘The Yeats Family and Modernism in Ireland’, pp. 24-35
Gibbons, Luke, ‘Peripheral Visions: Revisiting Irish Modernism’, pp. 88-101
Dunne, Aidan, ‘The Moderns: The 1950s’, pp. 102-114
Lloyd, David, ‘The Gaze is a Thing: Beckett’s Film and Bram van Velde’, pp. 116-125
Kennedy, Christina, ‘Modernism and Beyond: The 1960s and ’70s’, pp. 204-235
Gibbons, Luke, ‘Seeing and time: James Coleman’s Pheasant’, pp. 236-243
Gibbons, Luke, ‘Mirrors of Memory: Ireland, Photography and the Modern’, pp. 330-339
Rowley, Ellen, ‘The Conditions of Architectural Modernism in Ireland, 1900-1970: Between Aspiration and Production’, pp. 418-428
Dorgan, Theo, ‘Swimming with Sharks going our own sweet way: Poetry; Modernism and film in Ireland’, pp. 496-504
Cass, Brian, ‘Modern Music in Ireland’, pp. 550-559

Language: English
ISBN: 9781907020490
Pages: 596
Dimensions: 30x24.5cm
Library Reference: 2010 MOD
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